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A Gas Shortage Is on the Way!

Are you exploring pool heat pump price options? Here are a few facts on why you should be considering switching from gas to heat pumps as your source of heating! Experts are warning that within the next 3 years, gas shortages will begin to intensify and remain at a high rate for the next decade. […]


Did you know your indoor pool air could be causing you and your building harm?  Elevated humidity can cause issues such as; • Poor health due to high chemical concentration in the air • Occupants discomfort • Mouldy and musty odours • Condensation on cold surfaces • Corrosion damage to your buildings structural components and fittings […]

Make the Most out of Your Pool with Heating

Do you have a pool that sits majority of the cold months unused? Have you ever considered how adding a heat pump to your pool will help you make the most out of it? Many people associate summer with swimming in the pool rather than winter – our heat pumps are trying to change this! […]


While heating your pool, there are many things you can do to ensure that you remain energy efficient. Check to see if you are following any of our recommendations for energy efficiency and if not now is the time to start! If you are not already using a pool cover, we highly recommend you begin […]


A heat pump is a different way to use renewable energy to heat your pool water.  Operating on a similar principal to an air conditioner system, a heat pump uses environmentally friendly refrigerant that extracts the latent heat from the air and transfers the heat into the pool water through a series of processes. Heat […]

Study finds connect between indoor pools and respiratory problems

In a recently released Canadian study, it was found that workers who spent more than 500 hours a year or 10 hours a week working in an indoor pool are two to six times more likely to have coughs, asthma, and throat and eye irritation. The study conducted on close to 900 lifeguards found that […]

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