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Whether it's a water heat pump for the home, or grand-scale thermal energy for commercial and industrial facilities, EvoHeat offers the latest technology. Smart, flexible and affordable, our range is designed to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world.

EVO Flex | Domestic

Hot water and space
Heating and cooling

Evo Control | Domestic

Space heating/cooling
Underfloor heating

Evo Command-i | Commercial

Hot water and space
Heating and cooling

Cogeneration CHP | Commercial image

Cogeneration CHP | Commercial

Cogeneration, heat pump systems and heat recovery technologies.

designed to meet the needs of a
rapidly changing world

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Eco-Friendly and Responsible Solutions for Modern Life

As the scepticism about fossil fuels grows, domestic and commercial space heating systems have had to adapt. Heat pumps from EvoHeat offer pioneering technology to ensure superior energy-efficiency and affordability.

EvoHeat only uses zero-depletion refrigerants, which are classified by international standards as environmentally sound. Our products are registered under the Australian Government's Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Act. You can rest assured that we take our environmental responsibilities seriously.

Commercial Water and Space Heating

In various work environments, EvoHeat's products ensure a high level of comfort, productivity, and operational success. We have a comprehensive range of commercial space heating products and industrial hot water systems for all industries.


Domestic Water and Space Heating

Rain, hail or shine - EvoHeat provides all-in-one thermal energy solutions for the home. Complete control over the weather isn't possible, however, complete control over your domestic water heating and cooling is possible with EvoHeat.


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