With the application of DC inverter technology, the Evo Flex Series can adjust the output capacity automatically and control the room temperature accurately.

EVO Flex | Domestic

The Evo Flex Series is ideal for domestic hot water and space heating and cooling.

The Evo Flex Series heat pumps utilise advanced heat pump technology to achieve high efficiency with a C.O.P. of up to 4.8. With the application of DC inverter technology, the Evo Flex Series can adjust the output capacity automatically and control the room temperature accurately.

  • Latest DC inverter heat pump technology
  • One heat pump for hot water and space heating and cooling
  • Energy savings, 30% less energy consumption compared to a fixed speed heat pump
  • Reduces energy use and green house gases
  • Precise temperature control
  • Speed up heating/cooling time
  • Wired controller, easy to operate, intelligent colour touch screen controller
  • Intelligent defrosting
  • Monobloc design
  • Works efficiently with floor heating, water fan coils or radiators


Energy savings up to 30%

With the use of inverter compressors, brushless DC fan motors and PFC control method, the units can regulate the running capacity. With no frequent start-ups and stop runnings, the units work in stable condition with high efficiency.

Wire Controller

A wire controller with glass panel and touch screen can be installed on the wall inside the house. It provides you a convenient way to control the heat pump and is applicable to RS485 communication.

0.5 °C Precise Control

The units can change the operating frequency of the compressors automatically according to the heating or cooling demand. When the target temperature is reached, the units run at a lower frequency, and the temperature control accuracy can be as precise as 0.5°C

Intelligent Defrosting

The Evo Flex series intelligent defrosting uses pressure sliding defrosting technology to figure out the exact defrosting time and start pressure according to the real ambient temperature. It saves energy and makes the heat pump work in high efficiency.

Speed up heating/cooling time

When there is a large difference between the actual temperature and the programmed temperature, the unit can run at a higher frequency to make fast heating or cooling to increase or decrease the temperature rapidly.

Monobloc Design

Due to the monobloc design, the units are cost effective, space saving and quiet to run outside. All of these features work together to give you a more comfortable home.


Model Evo Flex Evo Flex 10 Evo Flex 17 Evo Flex 25
Heating capacity range kW 2.5~10.8 5.0~17.3 7.0~25.1
BTU/h 8500~36720 17000~58820 23800~85340
Heating power input range kW 0.8~2.77 1.2~4.55 2.5~6.54
Cooling capacity range kW 2.1~10.0 5.0~14.5 7.0~20.0
BTU/h 6800~34000 17000~49300 23800~68000
Cooling power input range kW 1.0~3.4 1.6~5.6 2.5~9.0
Frequency Hz 30~90 30~90 30~90
ErP level (35°C) / A++ A++ A++
ErP level (55°C) / A+ A+ A+
Power supply / 220-240/1/50 220-240/1/50 380-415/3/50
Electric heater kW 3.0 / /
Max. running current A 18+13.7 27.0 14.0
Refrigerant type / R410A R410A R410A
Refrigerant QTY kg 2.4 3.2 4.4
Compressor brand / Mitsubishi Electric Mitsubishi Electric Mitsubishi Electric
Water pump brand / Wilo Wilo Wilo
Water connection / 1" 1 1/4" 1 1/4"
Water flow m3/h 1.6 2.8 4.2
Water pressure drop kPa 22 52 45
Water pump head m 10 17 18
DC fan motor QTY / 1 2 2
DC motor max power input W 136 272 340
DC fan motor min power input W 18 36 50
DC fan motor speed rpm 850 850 900
DC min fan speed rpm 300 300 300
Pressure sensor 1 Bar 0~20 0~20 0~20
Pressure sensor 2 Bar 0~45 0~45 0~45
Noise dB(A) 54 58 62
Net weight kg 110 163 219
Net dimensions (L/W/H) mm 980/465/910 990/437/1315 1175/450/1588
Operation ambient temp °C -20~52 -20~52 -20~52

Heating: Ambient temp.(DB/WB): 7°C/6°C, Water temp. (In/Out): 30°C/35°C Cooling: Ambient temp.(DB/WB): 35°C/24°C, Water temp. (In/Out): 12°C/7°C The above data is tested under compressor frequency of 90Hz. The data above is for reference only. For the most accurate data please contact your EvoHeat specialist.

Warranty Period

Evo Flex Series 5 years 2 years 1 year

For further peace of mind EvoHeat offer a 5 year warranty on the compressor, 2 years on parts and 1 year on site labour.

EvoHeat have a comprehensive network of specialist service agents nationally to ensure maximum equipment uptime. Spare parts are kept in stock in the extremely unlikely event that they are required.

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