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Hot Water Heat Pumps: Everything you Need to Know

Choosing the right heat pump doesn’t have to be complicated! Here we answer a few common questions you may have when it comes to hot water heat pumps.

What is a Heat Pump & How Does it Work?
A heat pump is a device which uses renewable energy to heat your water. Operating on a similar principal to an air conditioner system, a heat pump uses environmentally friendly refrigerant that extracts the latent heat from the air and transfers the heat into the water through a series of processes.Evo heat in put out put


Why Should I Replace my Old Hot Water System with a Heat Pump?

Conventional water heaters can account for up to 35% of your total household energy bill and contribute significantly to your homes’ carbon footprint. When the time comes to replace your hot water system, it makes sense to upgrade to a more efficient and environmentally friendly solution to provide your home or business with fast reliable hot water.

Like most other appliances, an increased focus on energy efficiency over the past over the past 20 years has led to significant advancements in hot water systems. So, don’t just replace it with what you’ve always had – replace it with something better!

What Costs Can I Expect from a Heat Pump?

Compared to a heat pump, a conventional electric system on average costs over $600 more in energy bills per year. If a hot water system lasts its expected 15-year lifespan, you will end up spending an extra $9000 that could be saved by upgrading to an energy efficient hot water heat pump. This means that your new heat pump will essentially pay for itself in the cost savings alone. When paired with Solar PV, the expected running costs of a heat pump can be even lower!
Our Evo270-1 Hot Water Heat Pump has been saving our customers up to 75% on their annual heating costs!

EvoHeat cost comparison

Are Heat Pumps Environmentally Friendly?

Heat pumps are much more environmentally friendly than other technologies on the market and emit much less greenhouse gases. While gas heaters emit a comparable amount of greenhouse gases, the method it is acquired is extremely environmentally destructive.

EvoHeat offer pioneering hot water heat pump technology to ensure superior energy-efficiency and affordability, whilst taking care of our environment. Our products are registered under the Australian Government’s Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Act, and only utilise zero-depletion refrigerants that are classified by international standards as being environmentally-sound. So you can rest assured that we take our environmental responsibilities seriously.

Which Hot Water Heat Pump Brand is the Best?

Looking at reviews of different brands of heat pumps and doing your research will prove invaluable when selecting the heat pump for your needs. ProductReview.com.au is one the most trusted online review sites for Australian consumers seeking real opinions and reviews.

The Evo270-1 has been awarded the Hot Water Product Review Award for the last 6 consecutive years (2019-2024), after being recognised by Australian consumers for its advanced energy efficiencies and smart features.

What Size Heat Pump will I Need?

The Evo270-1 is compact in size, yet powerful enough to supply hot water for up to six people in a domestic application, and is equally at home for use in many commercial applications such as in resorts, hotels and motels, restaurants and retail outlets.

Is My Area Too Cold for a Heat Pump to Work?

Heat pump technology allows the unit to work in any location. Depending on what zone you reside in, a heat pump will operate close to its maximum efficiency all year! In extremely cold locations, a heat pump may require a resistive electric booster.

How Much Does a Heat Pump Cost & Are Rebates Available?

Heat pumps do initially cost more than an ordinary hot water system, however the cost savings over the life of the unit will pay for itself. Heat pump systems can cost anything between $2500 – $5000 including materials and installation fees.

The Federal Government’s Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) qualifies hot water heat pumps for small-scale technology certificates (STCs) which can be exchanged for a rebate upon purchasing a heat pump.

Not only will it save you on electricity the Evo270-1 is also registered with the Australian Federal Government Clean Energy Regulator as an energy efficient water heater. Once installed, you could also be eligible to receive of up to $2,550 towards the costs of your system!

What is a Good Warranty?

Ensure that you read the conditions of warranties carefully as they vary by manufacturer. A good warranty should cover to some degree: Tank, Parts and Labour.

EvoHeat offer a 6-year warranty on the Evo270-1 Series tank, 5 years on parts and 1 year on site labour. We also have a range of accredited service agent’s nationally and spare parts on stock at all time’s in the unlikely event that they should be required.

How Noisy are Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps do make some noise as any similar system would but are quiet enough to fade into the background of normal suburban life.

Timers can be set on many heat pump systems so that the heat pumps can run at a lower level during the night and keep noise levels down. Each individual heat pump will have a decibel rating that you can check to see if it suits your requirements.

Should I get a Heat Pump with a Timer?

A good hot water heat pump should come with an automatic timer. The timer works by heating the water during the day, and if paired with solar PV, doing so using free energy provided by the sun.

Take control of your hot water with the Evo270-1’s intelligent touch pad and built-in timer. Govern when and for how long your system operates to make the most of off-peak energy tariffs or your own created energy via your Solar PV.

What is the best type of Refrigerant to look for?

There are many types of refrigerants, many being harsh on the environment and contributing to degradation on the ozone layer and increase in greenhouse gases. For example, R22 has a damaging effect on the ozone layer and is now being phased out of use for its damaging effects. R410a is much more environmentally safe and extremely more efficient.

How do I find a good installer?

When selecting an installer, ensure that you are employing a certified and legitimate plumber. Quotes should be easily understood and well explained. Check for online reviews of your plumber to make sure you have the best installer possible.

EvoHeat have a comprehensive network of installers and service agents nationally to ensure that units are installed correctly so that our hot water heat pump’s work to the best of their ability!

If you would like to find out how you can be saving up to 75% on your hot water costs or have any more questions, contact us today!

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