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Commercial Heat Pumps & The $100M Community Energy Upgrades Fund

The Australian Government has recently unveiled the Community Energy Upgrades Fund, a $100 million initiative designed to co-fund local council upgrades, aiming to deliver high-impact energy upgrades. Among the potential upgrades covered by this funding is the replacement of energy-intensive gas heating in council pools with EvoHeat’s energy-efficient commercial heat pumps.

The primary objective of the Community Energy Upgrades Fund is to support local councils in their endeavours to decarbonize and enhance the energy efficiency of various public facilities, including pools, sporting clubs, community centres, and more. This initiative will empower councils to implement significant energy upgrades, effectively manage energy costs, and make substantial progress in reducing emissions.

As the funding application process is set to commence by the end of the year, it is an opportune time to reach out to EvoHeat for a comprehensive pool heating evaluation report. This report will provide valuable insights into anticipated energy operating costs and carbon emissions using EvoHeat’s acclaimed commercial heat pump technology.

By proactively collaborating with EvoHeat to identify and plan potential energy upgrades, you will position your facility for success when the application process commences in the near future.

EvoHeat is dedicated to supporting councils throughout this journey by providing timely updates and information, ensuring they are well-equipped to leverage the full potential of this initiative.

For more information contact EvoHeat on 1300 859 933 or complete the pool heat evaluation form on our website.

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