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Optimal Pool & Spa Temperatures: EvoHeat’s Expert Recommendations

Selecting the perfect pool and spa temperature is a personal choice, shaped by individual needs and preferences. As an Australian leader in heat pump technology with over 15 years of experience, EvoHeat provides customised guidance and recommendations. We understand the unique climate and lifestyle needs of our Australian customers, offering insights for a variety of scenarios to ensure optimal comfort and efficiency.

Residential Pools: The majority of residential pool owners find a temperature range of 26-30°C ideal for comfortable swimming. To put this in perspective, a typical hot shower is around 40°C. Our experience and customer data indicate that the most preferred average pool temperature is 28°C.

Seasonal Variations:

  • Cooler Months: During colder seasons, a pool temperature of 29-30°C is generally preferred.
  • Warmer Months: In warmer times, a slightly cooler 26-28°C is often chosen for a more refreshing experience.

Hot Spas: For safety, spa temperatures should not exceed 40°C. It’s best to start at a lower temperature, like 37°C, and adjust upwards as needed. Most users enjoy their spa between 36-38°C.

Learn-to-Swim Pools: For young swimmers and instructors in learn-to-swim pools, a warmer temperature of at least 32.5°C is recommended to maintain comfort and muscle warmth.

Lane/Exercise Swimming: Guidelines from Swimming Australia & FINA suggest a range of 25-28°C for lane swimming. Temperatures too high can lead to dehydration and muscle cramps, while too cold water can shock the system. A starting point of 26°C, give or take one degree, is advisable.

Hydrotherapy: Ideal for recovery and rehabilitation, hydrotherapy benefits from higher temperatures of 30°C – 32°C. It’s crucial to consult a medical professional for personalised temperature recommendations based on specific therapy needs.

Pool Heat Evaluation Service

Considering a heating upgrade for your pool? Complete our Pool Heat Evaluation HERE for a free, detailed, and personalised report. Our Poolheat program accurately determines the right heat pump size and estimates running costs, ensuring you invest in an optimally sized unit for your needs.

Trust EvoHeat for the perfect heat pump solution tailored to your pool or spa, ensuring efficiency and satisfaction without unnecessary expenses.

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