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EvoHeat Celebrates Victories at the 2024 ProductReview Awards

EvoHeat is proud to announce a series of awards at the 2024 ProductReview Awards, an annual event where Australian consumers’ voices shape the recognition of the best and most reliable products in the market.

This year, our commitment to delivering exceptional heating and cooling solutions has once again been recognised and rewarded. Our Evo270-1 Hot Water Heat Pump has impressively clinched the top award in the hot water category for the sixth consecutive year, reflecting its unmatched energy efficiency and innovative design.

Joining this winner’s circle are our advanced inverter pool heaters, the Fusion-i and Force-i, each recognised for their outstanding performance and energy-efficiency.

Evo270-1: Redefining Hot Water Efficiency

The Evo270-1 Hot Water Heat Pump continues to set the standard in its field, as evidenced by its six-year winning streak at the ProductReview Awards! This award is particularly significant as it is a direct endorsement from over 800 Australian consumers, attesting to the Evo270-1’s superior energy efficiencies, smart features, and reliable performance. As a top-rated product on ProductReview.com.au, Australia’s most trusted online review site, the Evo270-1 is celebrated for being the best and most dependable hot water solution available to consumers.

Fusion-i and Force-i: Leaders in Pool Heating Innovation

Our Fusion-i and Force-i pool heaters, both equipped with advanced inverter technology, have also been honoured at the awards, underscoring our leadership in the pool heating sector. The Fusion-i and Force-i are acclaimed for their energy-efficient temperature regulation and robust build, as well as their  consistent performance, ensuring perfect pool temperatures throughout the year.

Innovation at EvoHeat’s Core

At EvoHeat, our focus is always on innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. These awards at the ProductReview are not just recognitions of our product excellence but also a reflection of our commitment to these values. We are inspired to continue our journey in providing energy-efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling solutions.

The 2024 ProductReview Awards mark a significant milestone in EvoHeat’s journey, reinforcing our role as an industry leader in heating and cooling solutions. We are grateful for this recognition and remain dedicated to advancing our technology, offering top-tier products that pave the way for a more sustainable future in heating and cooling!


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