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Considerable Factors When Sizing the Correct Pool & Spa Heat Pump

When sizing the correct heat pump for your pool, a range of factors come into play that will influence what heat pump is most suitable, what heating capacity (kW) is required and how much it will cost to operate your heat pump.

Here are some of the aspects that need to be accounted for when sizing a heat pump accurately:

  • Pool location
  • Climate
  • Inground or above ground pool
  • Indoor or outdoor pool
  • Shading on the pool
  • Wind exposure
  • Desired temperature
  • Number of swimmers
  • Swimming months
  • Pool cover
  • Waterfalls or infinity edges
  • Spa connected to the same filtration system

At EvoHeat, we have developed a Pool Heat Evaluation web form that asks all the important questions about your pool. With this information, our Poolheat program calculates and guarantees the correct size heat pump and estimated running costs along with a full detailed report.

We make sure you get the perfect heat pump for your pool so that you don’t overspend on an expensive heat pump, when a smaller unit could achieve the same result.

The ‘PoolHeat’ program, which is in accordance with AS3634, was developed by the University of NSW Mechanical Engineering Department and the CSIRO and is considered by the industry to be the premium pool heating evaluation program currently available.

So if you are looking to heat your pool or upgrade your existing equipment, simply complete our Pool Heat Evaluation HERE and receive your FREE personalised and detailed report.

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