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What is a Refrigerant & How Does it Work?

A refrigerant is a substance which is used in a heat cycle to transfer heat from one area and move it to another. The refrigerant works by absorbing heat from the environment around it, as the refrigerant compresses it becomes warmer until it is warmer than the inside room temperature. Once the refrigerant reaches this stage, the air is then transferred into the area. As the warm air leaves, the refrigerant begins to take in the cold air outside and expands as it cools. Once the refrigerant is colder than the outside temperature, the warm air begins to enter the unit and the cycle continues.

Many types of refrigerants, typically in old devices contribute to the degradation on the ozone layer and increase in greenhouse gases. Refrigerants such as R12 & R22 are now being phased out for their damaging effects on the ozone layer. Improperly disposed of equipment, or faulty & poorly maintained equipment also contribute to refrigerants leaking into the atmosphere.

The type of refrigerant used in a heat pump makes a noteworthy impact on a unit’s performance. Newer refrigerants are not only more kind to the environment, but refrigerants such as R32 provide a higher efficiency, reduce energy consumption by up to 10% and have much faster heat up times than older and inferior refrigerants. Opting for heat pumps that use environmentally friendly refrigerants is a highly encouraged choice to prevent contribution to environmental damage as well as providing you with the best performance possible!

EvoHeat heat pumps use environmentally friendly R410a & R32 refrigerants which are recognised as the green refrigerant in the industry while delivering a safe and stable running performance. Our technology is driven by the need to be sustainable. We use refrigerants that are recognised by international certification (ISO9001) for ozone depletion. We’re also registered under the Australian Government’s Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Act.

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