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Can a Swimming Pool Heat Pump be Installed Indoors?

Heat pumps work at their best when installed outdoors with access to a good flow of fresh air. To understand why this is, it is important to know how a heat pump operates.

A heat pump works by pulling heat from the surrounding air and transferring that heat into the water. The refrigerant in the heat pump pulls heat out of the air, causing the refrigerant to become warmer. The heat pump then transfers this heat to the pool water, making it warmer. The air that is expelled out of the unit is much colder than when it entered the heat pump.

In a closed room, a heat pump would continue to recirculate the same air, depleting any heat available in the area and cooling the room down significantly. With an insufficient amount of heat to draw from the surrounding air, the unit would cease to operate.

For some applications, it has been necessary for the heat pumps to be installed in an enclosed room, such as in an apartment tower. To ensure that the unit operates to the best of its ability and that performance is not affected, correct planning and appropriate modifications must be made to allow cold waste air to be expelled from the room the heat pump is in.

EvoHeat have encountered numerous instances where a customer required a heat pump to be installed inside and provided them with appropriate solutions to ensure they got the most efficiency out of their heat pump!

The body corporate at Anchorage Apartments wished for their EvoHeat Force-i heat pump not to be visible for aesthetic reasons, inside the warm plantroom among the other equipment was the desired choice for the installation. EvoHeat and our trade customer found a way to satisfy this requirement while also providing appropriate conditions for the heat pump to operate correctly and deliver the highest possible level of energy efficiency for the site. In order to remove the cold waste air that the heat pump generates, a section of the wall was cut out and the heat pump was faced against the wall up on brackets to allow the cold waste air to be expelled from the plant room.

Ramada’s Resort Flynn’s Beach required their EvoHeat CS-GEN2 unit to be installed in their underground plant room. By installing ducting hoods on the top of the fans and directing the air outside, the heat pump was still able to function efficiently.

If you have the ability to install your heat pump outdoors, it is very highly recommended to do so. However, in the event that it is not possible, EvoHeat can always work out the best solution so that you can achieve the maximum efficiency and best performance out of your unit despite its installation location. Contact us on 1300 859 933 to learn more about our pool & spa heating solutions.

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