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Evo Showcase Project: Somerset College

The next Evo Showcase Project was filmed at Somerset College. The college was using gas heaters to heat the pools, but extremely high gas bills meant that the College needed a new cost-efficient, environmentally friendly solution. EvoHeat’s cutting edge technology is renowned for it’s highly efficient, cost saving heat pump technology. The two indoor learn-to-swim […]

Evo Showcase Project: Oxley & Stirling

Evo have been hard at work the past year putting together a video series of showcase projects at some of our install locations. In these videos, our customers tell their experience with EvoHeat and give an insight to how our heat pumps have made an improvement to their facilities. First in the series is Oxley […]

How to Choose the Best Hot Water System

A hot water system is an integral part of any home and is responsible for the second-largest percentage of energy use in households, so choosing the right one for your home is a very important decision! In instances where your old hot water system has stopped working, we highly recommend that you research the market […]


The 2022 ProductReview Awards have just been announced, and EvoHeat have taken out the top spots after being recognised by Australian consumers for their advanced energy efficiencies and smart features! Our Evo270-1 hot water heat pump has received the award for it’s category for the fourth consecutive year: 2019, 2020, 2021 and now 2022! Reviewers […]

What Temperature Should I Heat my Pool or Spa to?

The perfect temperature will be subjective and determined by your exact needs and preferences. However, as heat pump experts with over 15-years’ experience, Evo can provide advice and give recommendations based on what most people are looking for in certain situations. Our heat pumps provide our customers with guaranteed, stable pool temperatures – no more […]


At this year’s SPASA QLD Awards of Excellence, EvoHeat has taken home a total of 6 awards! We received a gold award for our CS Series installation at the Drapery in the ‘Commercial System’ category and five Highly Commended awards for other categories. Evo’s Commercial CS Series heat pumps have taken home gold in the […]

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