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Climate Smart Energy Saver Rebate – Empowering Energy Efficiency with Hot Water Heat Pumps

Are you feeling the pinch of rising energy costs? Are you searching for ways to make your household expenses more manageable while also contributing to a sustainable future? Look no further – the Climate Smart Energy Savers Program is here to provide relief by helping you cut down on energy bills while making eco-friendly choices!

The $60 million Climate Smart Energy Savers Program is a limited-time initiative introduced by the Queensland Government, scheduled to commence on the 4th September 2023. This program is designed to support Queensland households upgrade to more energy efficient and environmentally conscious appliances, ultimately leading to reduced energy costs and carbon emissions.

As part of this program, Queensland households who replace their old hot water system with an energy efficient hot water heat pump, such as EvoHeat’s, are eligible for rebates of up to $1,000. Be quick though, this is only available for the first 1,500 Queensland households that apply.

So, if you are looking for ways to reduce your energy bills, talk to EvoHeat today and make sure you take advantage of the Climate Smart Energy Savers Program. By doing so, you not only have the chance to benefit from savings up to $1,000 on an energy efficient EvoHeat hot water heat pump but also to slash up to 75% off your future hot water operating costs.

For more information on EvoHeat’s award winning energy efficient heat pumps please contact us on 1300 859 933 or evoheat.com.au.

More about the Climate Smart Energy Program

Commencing on the 4th of September 2023, Queensland residents can apply for the Climate Smart Energy Program and receive up to $1,000 off their newly installed hot water heat pump. For more information about the initiative click here: Household energy savings program | Department of Energy and Public Works (epw.qld.gov.au)


Only eligible appliances purchased from 4 September 2023 will be eligible for a rebate. Eligible hot water systems must be purchased and installed from 4 September 2023.  Applications must be received within 30 days of purchase.  Please read the applicant guidelines carefully.

Your application

To support your application you will need:
• Two pieces of ID (for example, driver’s license, Medicare card, passport) or your myGovID account details. (To set up a myGov account, visit the myGov ID website and follow the instructions.)
• Evidence of residential address – for example, driver’s license, your most recent rates notice or current residential tenancy agreement.
• Your bank account details (a copy of your bank account statement, or a screenshot from your online banking clearly showing your name, bank account number and BSB).

Low-income rebate

If applying for a low-income rebate to receive even more savings, you will need one of the following:
• notice of assessment from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for the 2022–23 financial year showing an annual taxable income of $66,667 or less, or
• declaration that you have lodged a Return Not Necessary with the ATO, or
• declaration that you receive a government pension/benefit or are a self-funded retiree.

Proof of receipt / installation

When you have purchased your eligible energy efficient appliance on or after 4 September 2023, you will need:
• receipt for the purchase of an eligible appliance
• receipt for the installation if the appliance and license details of the person who installed it (e.g. electrical/plumbers license).

To be eligible for the rebate:

  1. Purchase: you must purchase and install your new hot water heat pump on or after the 4th September 2023. You must pay for the hot water heat pump and installation in full and have a copy of the receipt with $0 balance owing.
  2. Install: the hot water heat pump must be installed on or after the 4th of September to be eligible for the Climate Smart Energy Saver Rebate.
  3. Claim rebate: Once your hot water heat pump is installed, you must submit the rebate application form online (register for the rebate link here). There are only 1,500 rebates available throughout Queensland and will be allocated to first in, first served. Applications must be submitted within 30 days of the purchase or until the rebates run out.

Note: only one rebate will be available per household. Rebates provided under the program cannot be higher than the total cost to purchase & install an eligible appliance. Rebate eligibility is based on Queensland Government information as of the 14th of August 2023.  Please allow at least three weeks for your application to be processed. We recommend visiting the Queensland Saver Website to check the program is still available for before purchasing.

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