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A Greener Future: Victoria’s Ambitious Plan to Phase Out Gas

Victoria is taking bold steps to combat climate change by announcing a scheme to eliminate gas connections in new residential dwellings. Starting January 1, all new homes will be all-electric, aligning with the state’s commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2045. With around 80% of homes currently reliant on gas, this move aims to reduce the state’s carbon footprint and emissions significantly.

Apart from environmental benefits, going electric will alleviate cost-of-living pressures, as gas prices continue to rise. The residential gas sector currently contributes approximately 17% of the state’s emissions, making it crucial to transition to more sustainable alternatives.

To support this transition, the government has introduced a $10 million residential electrification grants program. This initiative will provide bulk rebates for solar panels, solar hot water systems, and heat pumps to promote eco-friendly technology. EvoHeat’s hot water heat pumps are an ideal choice for efficient and eco-conscious heating, offering up to 75% greater efficiency than conventional gas heaters.

EvoHeat wholeheartedly supports this move towards a greener future and encourages all residents to embrace the transition to eco-friendly technologies.

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