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Heat pumps are featured in every home or business, whether it be a refrigerator or an air conditioner and with technology advancements have the ability to lessen energy use in Australia.

While heat pumps are most often seen as a refrigerator or air conditioner, recent advancements mean they have a large range of uses including cooling, producing hot water and even industrial steam. Heat pumps are becoming the much more progressive method of heating (and cooling) as they offer a solution to rising gas prices.

A heat pump works with an environmentally friendly refrigerant to extract latent heat from the air and it to the desired location through a series of processes. The refrigerant works by absorbing any heat from the environmental round it, as the refrigerant compresses it creates heat until it is warmer than the original location (for example, this may be your pools temperature or a room before heating is applied). The refrigerant then transfers the newly created warm air to the area. As the warm air leaves, the refrigerant begins to take in the cold air outside and expands as it cools. Once the refrigerant is colder than the outside temperature, the warm air begins to enter the unit and the cycle continues.

EvoHeat heat pumps use an environmentally safe and highly energy efficient refrigerants, which offers better air quality and improves the reliability of the unit. Damaging refrigerants such a R22 are being phased out due to their harmful effect on the ozone layer.

By using a high-efficient heat pump, huge savings in energy can be expected. Compared to other heating technologies, a heat pump can heat at up to 6 times  more efficiency than when compared to a gas heater which only heats at around 50% to 95% efficiency.

With the recent increase in gas prices (Read our blog HERE), heat pumps are the solution to riding energy prices. As heat pumps also allow for the ability to be used in conjunction with third party products such as solar PV panels, costs can be further reduced by immense amounts.

Heat pumps have many uses and can be used for home heating, domestic hot water, clothes drying and pool heating. In commercial situations, they are used for refrigeration, space heating and cooling and water heating.

Many large aquatic centres use heat pumps to heat their pools and manage indoor humidity. Heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) are the most energy consuming activities for heat pumps in commercial settings and eliminating the need for gas paired with high efficiency systems can provide huge savings for large corporations.

Heat pumps are providing radical efficiency for their users when it comes to heating and cooling, whilst reducing energy costs and offering a more environmentally friendly solution to our needs.

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