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A Gas Shortage Is on the Way!

Are you exploring pool heat pump price options? Here are a few facts on why you should be considering switching from gas to heat pumps as your source of heating!

Experts are warning that within the next 3 years, gas shortages will begin to intensify and remain at a high rate for the next decade. The Eastern states of Australia will not have enough gas to meet their demands as soon as 2022! Queensland will be required to distribute much more of their supply to the other eastern states, before experiencing their own shortage by 2025.

By 2026, there will not be enough gas supply in the eastern states, with gas production declining more and more. EnergyQuest has stated that gas prices are to remain high for years at more than triple of the historically recorded levels at $3-$4 a kilojoule. These high prices will impact not only the domestic gas market, but also household power bills. With Melbourne and Sydney due to rely on Queensland’s gas supply, the wholesale price of gas in Sydney or Melbourne will increase into the price range of $10-$13 a gigajoule or even higher!

A proposed solution has is to bring in LNG import terminals, however while these solutions are the quickest, they are very likely to add even more pressure to the prices of gas.

These price rises will have a major effect on homeowners who use gas as their methods of heating. Homeowners should look to other methods of providing for their house that don’t include gas, to beat the price rise! Don’t get caught paying more than you need to be.

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