Lakeside Leisure Centre

Client: Lakeside Leisure Centre
Trade Partner: Image Air Conditioning
Location: Newcastle, NSW
Heat Pump Installed: 3x CS-i 130 Commercial Inverter Heat Pumps
Application: Pool Heating

Lakeside Leisure Centre is the home to many aquatic activities such as learn-to-swim programs, squad swimming, and casual swimming for the locals.

The centre is located in Newcastle, NSW, where winter temperatures can get to below 10 degrees – a temperature most would find far too cold for swimming!

The centre’s 50 metre outdoor pool required an efficient means of heating that would keep the pool water at a consistent and comfortable temperature year-round for the swimmers.

After upgrading to EvoHeat’s technology, the centre halved their operational costs and greatly reduced their energy consumption. These additional savings will be put to good use elsewhere around the centre.

The three EvoHeat CS-i heat pumps will allow the community to use the pool for the entire year without freezing in the process!

SPASA Awards of Excellence Recipient

At the 2022 SPASA Regional Awards of Excellence, the swimming pool and spa industry’s most prestigious awards, Lakeside Leisure Centre was awarded gold for both ‘Sustainable Project’ & ‘Commercial System’. The cutting-edge technology of the CS-i series is the most reliable and efficient way to heat a commercial pool.


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