Cook & Phillip Park Aquatic Centre

Client: City of Sydney
Location: Cook & Phillip Park Aquatic Centre
Heat Pumps Installed: 3x EvoHeat CS120-GEN2 & 1x CS95-GEN2 Pool Heat Pumps & 2x Evo Ultra Chillers, Evo ET Cogeneration Equipment
Application: Commercial Pool Heating, Air-Conditioning, Cogeneration

Evo Energy Technologies provided the City of Sydney with a major central energy plant upgrade at the Cook and Philip Park Aquatic Centre (CPP).

The upgrade saw both Evo ET Cogeneration equipment and EvoHeat high efficiency Heat Pumps installed, helping the centre reduce their energy consumption, energy costs and carbon emissions.

The Evo Ultra chillers work by providing both hot and cold water to different areas to provide heating and cooling. The cold water is moved to air handling units which provide air-conditioning, the hot water heats the Olympic-sized pool. When the pool reaches temperature, the system rejects any excess heat and expels it as hot air out the exhaust fans of one of the EvoHeat CS heat pumps.

Each Evo Ultra unit is 80kW each, and 95% of the time only one unit is required to meet the requirements, meaning just one Evo Ultra unit is more effective than the single previous 250kW air source chiller.

Essentially the pool is able to be heated for incredibly minimal cost off the air-conditioning!

Outstanding Results

Evo’s project at Cook & Phillip Park Aquatic Centre has been awarded the SPASA 2021 National Sustainable Project Award for its incredible sustainable solution involving both cogeneration equipment & heat pumps which will see the centre reduce their energy consumption, energy costs and carbon emissions.

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