Miami Aquatic Centre

Client: City of Gold Coast
Location: Miami Aquatic Centre
Heat Pumps Installed: 2x EvoHeat CS200-GEN2, 1x CS120-GEN2, 1x CS95-GEN2 & 1x CS57 Heat Pumps
Application: Commercial Pool Heating

The Miami Aquatic Centre owned by the City of Gold Coast has just undergone a major redevelopment.

This redevelopment provided increased lap swimming and learn to swim facilities including; a new additional, 10-lane Olympic pool and a new learn to swim pool.

EvoHeat have supplied the Aquatic Centre with a total of 5 commercial heat pumps to heat all 3 pools adequately for patrons.

Before the redevelopment, low energy efficiency competitor units were being used and were ripped out to be replaced with EvoHeat’s highly efficient heat pumps. With this new and advanced technology, the Aquatic Centre’s Evo heat pumps will operate at maximum performance, at the lowest running costs!

The Evo CS57 heat pump for the learn-to-swim pool was installed on top of a shipping container which housed a purpose built modular filtration system designed by Brauer Industries; and will heat the pool to a toasty 32 degrees!

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