Queenswood Girls’ School

Client: Queenswood Girls’ School
Location: Mosman, NSW
Heat Pump Installed: EvoHeat CS-i 250 Commercial Inverter Heat Pump

Queenswood Girls School has undergone a major heating upgrade, replacing the existing outdated heater with the cutting-edge Evo CS-i 250 commercial inverter heat pump. A big shoutout to our trade partner, Image Air Conditioning, for the seamless installation and excellent quality workmanship.

One remarkable feature of the CS-i series is its silent mode operation, a stark contrast to the noisy timer clock of the old heater. Residents next door can now enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep, and the school’s learning environment remains undisturbed.

The school has future plans to connect the system to their Building Management System (BMS). This strategic move will enhance their energy management capabilities and contribute to more efficient operations.

This project underscores our commitment to creating greener and more comfortable educational spaces while embracing responsible energy management practices.

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