Crystalbrook Bailey Hotel

Client: Crystalbrook Bailey Hotel
Location: Cairns, QLD
Heat Pump Installed: 2x CS47 Heat Pumps
Application: Pool Heating

Crystalbrook Bailey is the newest addition to the Crystalbrook Collection’s three Cairns properties.

Opening to the public in November of 2019, the 255-room five-star hotel is committed to minimising waste and enhance environmental credentials. An EvoHeat CS Series commercial heat pump was installed for the hotel’s pool and was chosen due to its innovative, intelligent and high-end performance. Mark Ansell, Chief Engineer of Crystalbrook Collection in Cairns has spoken on the hotels use of EvoHeat heat pumps commenting that “They’re the most efficient means of heating and cooling for our swimming pools.”

Outstanding Results

The Crystalbrook Bailey hotel pool will keep guests satisfied and allows the hotel to save as much money possible on their pool heating costs with the innovative and energy efficient CS Series heat pump technology.

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