Australia Zoo: The Crocodile Hunter Lodge

Client: Australia Zoo – Crocodile Hunter Lodge
Location: Beerwah, QLD
Heat Pump Installed: EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 Commercial Heat Pump
Application: Commercial Pool Heating

Australia Zoo’s newest addition ‘The Crocodile Hunter Lodge’ offers a fantastic accommodation experience among Australia’s fauna and flora.

Heating ‘The Billabong’, the luxurious 25-metre infinity pool, is the EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 heat pump, the innovative and intelligent commercial pool heating series designed with forward thinking technology and high-end performance.

Australia Zoo is also home to EvoHeat’s highly efficient equipment elsewhere, with one of our pool heating units in use for the turtle pools at the Wildlife Warriors rehabilitation centre, in addition to 4 of our Evo270 hot water units.
The Crocodile Hunter Lodge, along with Australia Zoo are implementing sustainable technologies and will continue to do so with the further technology advancements.

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