Lifestyle Deanside

Trade Partner: Lincoln Pool Equipment
Client: Lifestyle Deanside
Location: Deanside, VIC
Heat Pumps Installed: 1x CS95, 1x DHP-603R, 1x DHP-50R Heat Pumps
Application: Commercial Indoor & Outdoor Pool Heating

Lifestyle Deanside is one of various brand new country club lifestyle communities in Victoria. Some of Lifestyle Deanside’s facilities include both an indoor pool, spa and large outdoor pool!

Lifestyle Deanside is the second of the Lifestyle Communities to utilise EvoHeat’s highly efficient technology to heat their pools and spas. A total of 3 EvoHeat heat pumps were supplied for the community to adequately meet the different heating requirements: 1 large commercial CS95-GEN2 heat pump, a DHP603-R and a DHP50-R.

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