A handy add-on that allows the heat pump to turn the main water pump on
outside of filtration times – saving time, energy and money!

Why buy a JBox? It’s simple - to save on energy costs and reduce purchase costs.

It’s incredibly expensive to buy both a filter pump and heater pump, so why not combine the costs? Doing so will save you money & reduce your running costs! Simple to run and affordable for its entire lifetime – the EvoHeat J-Box makes complete sense! The J-Box allows either the heater OR the chlorinator to turn the water pump on so each device can run independently of the other. Conversely, the J-Box allows both the chlorinator and heater to be running at the same time.

  • Easy to use
  • Save you money on running costs
  • No water balance issues
  • Only require one water pump

Friendly to the environment and your pocket!

One Pump, Two Jobs

Save on the purchase and running costs. Simple to run and affordable for its entire lifetime

Set and Forget It

Year-round chlorination and heating for your pool, with no ongoing monitoring required.

Enormous Energy Savings

Save up to $1,000 per year on electricity. * Energy savings will depend on comparison with your current heating system, and operational settings i.e. how you use the heating system.

Chlorination Issues Are Gone

Standard chlorination settings mean that there’s no pH or chemical imbalances in the pool.

Warranty Period

For further peace of mind the Evo J-Box comes with a 1 year warranty. EvoHeat have a comprehensive network of specialist service agents nationally to ensure maximum equipment uptime. Spare parts are kept in stock in the extremely unlikely event that they are required.

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