The Evo CS commercial heat pump is the most efficient way to heat a commercial pool regardless of size and location. Available in 38kW to 200kW models.

Evo CS Series | Commercial

The EVO CS & CS-GEN2 commercial heat pump is the most efficient way to heat a commercial pool regardless of size or location.

EvoHeat offers 7 different CS heaters ranging from 38kW up to 200kW so choosing the heater that best suits your needs is simple!

Our commercial heat pumps are ideal for sports and leisure centres, aquaculture, agriculture, water parks, hotels, resorts, apartments and office builds – there is no job in the field too big for the EVO CS Series!

A tried and trusted commercial pool heater that’s able to save businesses tens of thousands of dollars a year, you can expect innovative and intelligent commercial pool heating designed with forward thinking technology and high-end performance.

Designed for the harsh Australian climate with forward thinking technology and lower carbon emissions – there is simply nothing better on the market. EVO C.O.P.’s are backed up by verified test reports in audited test laboratories, and we back our equipment to outperform the competition every time!

  • Unparalleled energy efficiency
  • C.O.P as high as 5.79
  • Heating and cooling
  • 304 stainless steel chassis and cabinet
  • Exclusive tariff + timers (only available on CS-GEN2)
  • Electric expansion valve (EEV)
  • Exclusive Goldtech/Bluetech Hydrophilic Coating
  • Double coil titanium heat exchangers for optimal performance
  • Dual defrost systems- Reverse Cycle and Thermotec Element
  • Precision-built intelligent digital controller
  • Monobloc design and compact piping system
  • Designed for very high flow rates and low pressure drops
  • V shape evaporator
  • Ozone Friendly R410A refrigerant


Engineered to Meet the Demands of any Commercial Pool

The Evo CS is engineered to meet the demands of any commercial pool – it is ideal for aquatic facilities, sports and leisure center’s, water parks, apartments, resorts and hotels.

High Performance & Low Operating Costs

The Evo CS series delivers commercial pool heating with exceptional performance, low operating costs & a C.O.P. as high as 5.79.  Combine your Evo pool heat pump with a pool blanket &/or your solar PV for the ultimate energy efficient pool heating!

Heating, Cooling & Automatic Modes

The Evo CS series is equipped to automatically heat or cool your pool water based on your set temperature – so you can be sure your pool is always at your desired temperature.

Intelligent Digital Controller

Designed with an intelligent digital controller, you can maintain your water temperature to within 0.1 degree while maximising optimum heater operating performance.

Intelligent Built In Timers

Take control of your pool heating with our intelligent built-in timers. Govern when and how long your Evo heat pump operates to make the most of lower energy rates or your own created energy via your solar PV.

304 Stainless Steel Cabinet

The 304 stainless steel cabinet will ensure long term corrosion resistance. Ask us about the optional upgrade to 316 stainless steel.

Dual Defrost

The dual defrost technology ensures your heat pump is defrosting less and heating more often, maximising the heating capacity in cold weather when it’s needed the most.

Best In The Industry

Nothing out there tops our pool heating range & here’s why…

Evo heat pumps are tough and durable, built for harsh conditions and utilize cutting edge components sourced from leading brand manufactures in Japan, Switzerland, Italy and Germany.

The HVAC components from the world’s premier suppliers you can be certain Evo heat pumps are built to perform and keep performing.

Industry Leading Warranty

For further peace of mind – the Evo CS is backed with an industry leading warranty.


MODEL CS 38 CS 47 CS 57 CS95-GEN2 CS120-GEN2 CS145-GEN2 CS200-GEN2
Heat output at 24 deg air 26 deg water (kW) 38 47 57 95 120 145 190
Heat output at 15 deg air 26 deg water (kW) 31.1 39.7 48.1 72.5 103 120 160
Cooling output at 35 deg air 30 deg water (kW) 21.6 28.2 36 64 80 97 119
C.O.P. at 24 deg air (380/415 volts 3 phase) 5.3 5.05 5.14 5.49 5.7 5.69 5.79
Power input at 24 deg air (kW) 7.16 9.3 11.1 17.3 21 25.5 32.8
Power supply 380-415/3/50 380-415/3/50 380-415/3/50 380-415/3/50 380-415/3/50 380-415/3/50 380-415/3/50
*Max running current AMPS per phase 13.8 19.12 25.1 40 46 60 80.1
Compressor type Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll
Refrigerant R410A R410A R410A R410A R410A R410A R410A
PVC water connection (mm) 50 50 50 100mm Flange 100mm Flange 100mm Flange 100mm Flange
Water flow rate (L/min) 200 250 325 483 583 1033 1000
Noise dB(A) at 1M 61 61 61 61 62 63 67
Unit dimensions LxWxH (mm) 1490/735/1200 1490/735/1200 1490/735/1200 2170/1070/1920 2175/1070/2030 2175/1070/2030 2175/1070/2030
Weight packed/unpacked (kg) 270/252 300/254 300/260 679/632 694/648 709/664 940/908

*Running current max: 43°C ambient heat /29°C in cooling mode. The data above is based on the EVO heat pump only, it does not include auxiliary devices.

Warranty Period

Series Titanium Heat Exchanger Compressors Parts Onsite Labour
CS Series 25 Years 5 Years 2 Years 1 Year

For further peace of mind EvoHeat offer an industry leading warranty of 25 years on the CS titanium heat exchanger, 5 years on compressors, 2 years on all parts and 1 year on site labour. EvoHeat have a comprehensive network of specialist service agents nationally to ensure maximum equipment uptime. Spare parts are kept in stock in the extremely unlikely event that they are required.


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