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Pairing Your Heat Pump with Solar: Sustainable Swimming

Pairing your pool heat pump with a solar PV system can provide a range of benefits for pool owners. Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source, and when combined with a heat pump can significantly reduce energy costs and increase the efficiency of heating a pool.

Using solar energy to heat pools delivers significant cost savings as one of its main benefits. Solar energy is free and abundant. When paired with a heat pump it can greatly reduce the amount of electricity needed to heat the pool. This can result in significant savings on energy costs over time.

Solar energy increases pool heating efficiency, delivering another benefit. The heat pump uses energy from the solar system to heat the water and then circulate it through the pool. This process is highly efficient, using solar energy to directly heat the water, rather than relying on electricity or gas.

In addition to connecting your heat pump to Solar PV, keeping a pool cover on when not in use will greatly minimise evaporation and trap the heat in the water. This will allow your heat pump to run for shorter time periods, maintaining the desired temperature as efficiently as possible. When pairing your heat pump with solar PV this may help reduce your pool heating costs to nothing!

By utilising the built-in timers on your EvoHeat heat pump, you can govern when and how long your unit operates to make the most of your own created energy via your solar PV.

Pairing a heat pump with solar PV provides a range of benefits including cost savings, increased efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

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