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Using a pool cover/blanket is beneficial in reducing pool heating costs, minimising evaporation, saving energy and keeping debris from entering the water. Using a pool cover on both indoor and outdoor pools will minimise evaporation and heat loss, producing savings of up to 70%!

Evaporation occurs at a much faster rate on pools that have a high water temperature, paired with high wind and low humidity. Heat and energy loss is accelerated greatly due to evaporation. Keeping a pool cover on when not in use will greatly minimise evaporation and trap the heat in the water. This will allow you to run your heat pump for shorter amounts of time, and have it maintain the desired temperature as efficiently as possible – saving you money!

Although indoor pools are not exposed to the elements, evaporation can still occur and create dangerous indoor pool environments which require ventilation and humidity control. Using a cover on an indoor pool will lessen the need for indoor ventilation and exhaust fans can be turned off whilst the cover is on, saving large amounts of energy.

Leaf litter and other debris will also be prevented from entering your pool, which is not only an eyesore but if left for too long can encourage algae to grow.

Chlorine consumption will be drastically reduced with a cover as UV light from direct sunlight degrades pool chemical chlorine. You will not be required to add as much chlorine, saving you time on refilling and purchasing.

There are many different types and prices of pool covers, how do you know which one is right for your pool? When choosing a pool cover, it must be considered how the pool cover will be used (e.g. cover off during the day vs. cover on during the day). Each type of pool blanket offers different benefits, so it is important that you speak to a pool blanket expert.

When pairing your EvoHeat pool heat pump with a pool cover you will reduce pool heating costs, minimise evaporation, save energy and keep debris from entering the water – if you have not considered adding one to your pool, now you should!

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