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If your pool is located indoors it could be costing you more than you think!

Dehumidifiers are designed to remove excess humidity from your indoor pool air and deliver ventilation to control pollutants caused from normal pool activity.  There are many advantages of using swimming pool dehumidifiers such as having control over your indoor temperature and maintaining healthy and comfortable humidity levels. 

If your indoor pool doesn’t have the correct ventilation or dehumidification it can lead to many issues such as:

  • Corrosion damage to building components and fittings, in particular metal and concrete
  • Reduced comfort levels due to high humidity
  • Mould and musty odours
  • Poor health due to high chemical concentration in the air
  • High operating costs due to the need to supply fresh cold air into the room to combat the humidity and odours

Excessive humidity found in poorly ventilated pool rooms can form moisture and water making everything wet and humid.  Not only does this make your pool room uncomfortable but it can also result in bacteria and fungus breeding causing health and wellbeing issues for anyone in your pool room.

Furthermore, this high moisture can cause corrosion damage to your house or building, practically any metallic and concrete surface within the facility which are costing to maintain or replace.  

If you have an indoor pool you should talk to us at EvoHeat about our Solace Dehumidifier that is design to remove the moisture from your pool room without losing the warmth.  The EvoHeat Solace is designed to be simple to install, operate and will maintain your indoor pool room comfort levels in rooms up to 300m³.

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