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How to Choose the Best Hot Water System

A hot water system is an integral part of any home and is responsible for the second-largest percentage of energy use in households, so choosing the right one for your home is a very important decision!

In instances where your old hot water system has stopped working, we highly recommend that you research the market to see what new, more efficient technology you may be able to replace it with.

We’ve compiled some important factors you should consider when looking in the market for a new system:

Water usage for each household will be determined by many factors such as: the type of hot water system, number of people, type of usage, length of showers, appliances etc.

If you often have visitors or a large extended family, keep in mind that your hot water system should have the ability to cater for them, so they aren’t left with a cold shower!

Another factor to consider is sizing your heat pump for the size of your dwelling – if you ever plan to sell or rent, a hot water system that won’t provide for a full house will be a significant drawback.

Reading reviews on any hot water unit you are interested will offer you invaluable information such as the quality, longevity, and reliability of both the product and the company.

The efficiency of a hot water system is an incredibly important factor that should be considered to ensure that you are not paying too much for your hot water. Because hot water accounts for such a large portion of a household’s energy use, an inefficient water heater can quickly drain your pockets.

C.O.P (Coefficient of Performance) is the term used to describe the efficiency of a unit, the higher the C.O.P rating, the more efficient the unit.

As an example, the Evo270-1 has a C.O.P of 4.27 which means that from 1kW of power, it produces 4.27kW of energy – which is highly efficient!

As technology progresses, more and more features have become available on hot water units which may be of interest to you. Some functions that are available might include: the ability to connect to Solar, timers, Wi-fi and intelligent controllers.

The government offers a number of rebates and STC’s as an incentive to switch to energy-efficient & environmentally friendly methods of water heating. Choosing a hot water unit that offers one of these incentives is a great idea to consider!

A good warranty on different components of a hot water heat pump system is a good indication that the product is built to last.

Different types of heating will have different components, but for a heat pump, a warranty of at least 5 years on the tank and 2 years on parts is a good starting point.

Keep in mind that maintaining any hot water system you purchase will be beneficial in ensuring longevity and efficiency and may be a requirement for any future warranty claims. Ensure you read the warranty terms and conditions and understand them.

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