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Evo Showcase Project: Somerset College

The next Evo Showcase Project was filmed at Somerset College.

The college was using gas heaters to heat the pools, but extremely high gas bills meant that the College needed a new cost-efficient, environmentally friendly solution.

EvoHeat’s cutting edge technology is renowned for it’s highly efficient, cost saving heat pump technology. The two indoor learn-to-swim pools are heated using two EvoHeat CS38 heat pumps. Three EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 heat pumps were installed to heat the large outdoor Olympic pool. The college utilized their existing Solar PV system, connecting them to the heat pumps to further their running cost savings.

Not only will Evo’s heat pumps hugely decrease heating costs for the school, they will also be able to expect much more efficient and consistent pool temperatures for swimmers year-round!

Check out the Somerset College Project page for more information and photos.

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