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Did you know that indoor pool air can cause serious health, operating & structural issues? Indoor pools rooms have complex environments that need regular maintenance and upkeep. When all these factors are maintained and work together, an indoor pool room will provide a comfortable, healthy environment. Without proper ventilation and dehumidification, indoor pools are prone to air quality issues because contaminated air is trapped indoors.

A Queensland teenager was rushed to hospital with a cough, fevers and difficulty breathing. Doctors found a low amount of oxygen in his blood, and extensive crackles when listening to breathing patterns in his chest.

The teenager has been sitting in a room near the family’s indoor pool. An occupational hygienist attended the family home and identified that mould was present in the house due to excess humidity. A check of the respiratory system and testing water from the indoor pool was resulted in finding a bacterium that can cause respiratory illness, fever and weight loss.

The teenager was diagnosed with hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP) or Hot Tub Lung, a lung disease which causes inflammation of the lungs and makes breathing difficult. The disease is caused by germs or bacteria in hot water steam.

Luckily the teen made a full recovery; however, this case highlights the importance of effective dehumidification and ventilation as an essential element in removing any air impurities and reduced condensation.

Dehumidifiers are technically engineered systems designed to remove excess humidity from indoor pool air and deliver ventilation to control pollutants caused from normal pool activity by removing and replacing the contaminated air. There are many advantages of using swimming pool dehumidification/ventilation such as:

  • Control of air quality
  • Safe, healthy and comfortable air conditions
  • Maintain healthy, comfortable and safe humidity levels
  • Remove pollutants from indoor air
  • Have control over indoor temperature
  • Prevent structural damage
  • Reduce condensation
  • Lower running costs

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SOURCE: Dutton, J. – Yahoo News Australia (2020); Doctors issue dire warning about ‘hot tub lung’

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