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Why do EvoHeat ask for the Postcode of the Pool?

For a product that is designed to take heat out of the air, it’s extremely important to know the temperatures that a particular region experiences. Looking at the information below, the temperatures in Northern NSW area varies greatly, which would impact what heat pump would best suit you and your pool.

To allow us to determine the most suitable heat pump for your area and requirements, knowing the location and pool attributes is invaluable.

At EvoHeat, we have developed a Pool Heat Evaluation web form that asks all the important questions about your pool. With this information, our Poolheat program calculates the correct size heat pump and estimated running costs along with a full detailed report.

The program, Pool Heat v5.1 which was developed between Sydney University and CSIRO and is considered the industry leading heat load estimating software. Our evaluations are based on the minimum temperature of the pool’s location rather than an average temperature across the country.

We make sure you get the perfect heat pump for your pool so that you don’t overspend on an expensive heat pump, when a smaller unit could achieve the same result. Our evaluations are incredibly accurate!

If you haven’t already, complete our Pool Heat Evaluation form and get your free quote & detailed report.

*Screenshot taken from WeatherZone 09/09/2020

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