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According to the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE) director general, the most important way to maximise efficiency is through maintenance. With regular maintenance, up to 30% improvement in unit efficiency and up to 25% in savings can be expected when keeping the unit in its best physical shape. Therefore, maintenance is crucial when it comes to saving money on operations. By providing your heat pump with regular maintenance, you will prevent larger problems appearing later on and extend your unit’s lifespan!

Many easily maintained aspects are overlooked that effect energy consumption. A 4% increase in energy consumption per additional degree of temperature can easily be fixed by minimising the temperature lift, a small factor that can build up to consume a great deal of energy. Energy output modulation, weather compensation, adjustment of water/refrigerant temperature and flow are all factors that should be checked to ensure that they are set to the user’s actual needs.

Correct product sizing is also vital to ensure that too much energy is not being used. Bigger heat exchangers, temperature set points, correct refrigerant charge size and regular maintenance can all contribute to make a big difference when it comes to saving energy.

Many small irregular changes that have an impact on your unit’s running ability and energy consumption can be easily fixed by a certified technician during a regular service. For example, technicians can improve savings by checking leak tightness; besides contributing to direct emissions, refrigerant leakage has a huge impact on energy consumption and cost. A technician will also check the operational pressures of the refrigeration system and give both the unit and fins a good clean to ensure that they are performing to the best of their ability.

To keep your heat pump in its best shape and maintain the highest efficiency, get in contact with EvoHeat and we can direct you to an EvoHeat friendly technician to maintain your heat pump to its best working state. Call us on 1300 859 933!

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