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Unleash Savings: Discover the Cost-Efficient Solution for Hot Water

In the world of hot water systems, energy efficiency and cost savings are of paramount importance. That’s where the Evo270-1 hot water heat pump steps in, revolutionising the way we experience clean, safe, and economical hot water. With its advanced energy efficiency technologies and built-in smart features, this remarkable system offers a year-round supply of hot water while significantly reducing costs. Let’s delve into the details and explore why heat pump technology is the superior choice.

Traditional hot water systems often fall short in terms of energy consumption. They typically use 1kW of energy to produce 1kW of heat, resulting in high operational costs. However, the Evo270-1 employs cutting-edge heat pump technology to maximise efficiency. By utilising the same 1kW of energy, it generates an impressive 4.27kW of heat, saving customers up to 75% on their hot water costs. This significant reduction in energy consumption is a game-changer in terms of affordability and sustainability.

To illustrate the cost advantages of the Evo270-1, we’ve prepared a *graph comparing the daily costs of three different hot water technologies: Evo270-1, gas, and electric water heaters.

  • Evo270-1: The Evo270-1 shines as the most economical option. Its ability to generate 4.27kW of heat from just 1kW of energy translates into substantial savings for customers.
  • Gas: Compared to the Evo270-1, gas systems are considerably more expensive to operate, putting a strain on household budgets.
  • Electric Water Heater: Electric water heaters prove to be the costliest option. Their inefficient energy usage makes them a burden on both the environment and consumers’ wallets.

As the graph clearly demonstrates, the Evo270-1 hot water heat pump stands head and shoulders above traditional alternatives. Its utilisation of heat pump technology ensures exceptional energy efficiency, reducing costs and environmental impact. By harnessing the power of renewable energy sources, this innovative system offers unparalleled savings and comfort. Say goodbye to exorbitant costs and embrace the superiority of heat pump technology with the Evo270-1.

Not only will it save you on electricity, the Evo270-1 is also registered with the Australian Federal Government Clean Energy Regulator as an energy efficient water heater. Say goodbye to exorbitant costs and embrace the superiority of heat pump technology with the Evo270-1.

*Running costs are calculated based on per day, family of 4, energy rate at $0.23k/Wh, gas rate at .04/mj

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