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What Pool Temperature Should You Recommend to Your Customers?

The perfect pool temperature is subjective and influenced by individual needs and preferences. However, with over 15 years of experience in heat pump technology, EvoHeat can provide expert advice and recommendations based on common customer preferences in various scenarios. Our heat pumps ensure stable and reliable pool temperatures, eliminating guesswork and enhancing customer satisfaction. General […]

The Importance of Maintaining Minimum Clearances

As a supplier of heat pumps for over 15 years, we understand the significance of maintaining appropriate airflow clearances and can offer important information to ensure the safe and efficient operation of our heat pumps. Maintaining proper airflow clearances is crucial for heat pumps to operate at peak performance. Heat pumps generate heat and exhaust […]

Connection Options

1. Inline to Filtration with EvoHeat J-Box (Recommended) Installing the heater inline to the filtration with a J-Box automates the heater’s control of the water pump. Both the chlorinator and heater will be able to control the filtration pump in order to do what job is necessary at the time. This helps avoids over chlorination […]

Heat Pump Maintenance: Essential Tips for Pool Shops & Installers

Maintaining your customers’ heat pumps is crucial to ensure optimal performance and extend the lifespan of the units. Early and regular maintenance can prevent potential issues and reduce long-term costs. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you maintain your customers’ heat pumps effectively. Inspect for Leaks Regularly check the water inlet and outlet connections for […]

Can a Swimming Pool Heat Pump be Installed Indoors?

Heat pumps work at their best when installed outdoors with access to a good flow of fresh air. To understand why this is, it is important to know how a heat pump operates. A heat pump works by pulling heat from the surrounding air and transferring that heat into the water. The refrigerant in the […]

Heat Pumps VS Traditional Methods of Heating

THE FACTS ABOUT SOLAR POOL HEATING While many believe that solar pool heating is FREE, there are many expenses and risks associated to using solar pool heating that you may not be aware of: DID YOU KNOW? -Solar pool heating isn’t free! There are additional costs involved in pumping the pool water onto the roof […]

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