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Heat pump VS solar pool heating


While many believe that solar pool heating is FREE, there are many expenses and risks associated to using solar pool heating that you may not be aware of:


-Solar pool heating isn’t free! There are additional costs involved in pumping the pool water onto the roof and then back into the pool. Your customers are better off maximising their roof space with Solar PV and installing a heat pump.  This would be a cheaper pool heating option that provides your customers with a better result and a longer swim season.

-EvoHeat heat pumps have a similar running cost to solar when you compare a 5-month solar period. If your customer has solar PV then this will offset their pool heating costs.

-Solar pool heating is affected by the weather! Solar pool heating is dependent on the weather and no one can control that. EvoHeat guarantees 100% results- RAIN, HAIL OR CLOUD!

-Solar pool heating is not effective on pools with medium to high shading

-As a rule of thumb, the size of the solar system you will need is around 100% the surface areas of the swimming pool. For example: if you have an 8m x 4m pool then you would need 32m² of prime northerly facing roof space (8x4=32m²).  This is the same amount of space that would fit 10 panel 5kW solar PV system that could offset your entire house holds energy.

-EvoHeat pump can connect in-line with the filtration system allowing the use of only one water pump on low speed setting, offering substantial energy costs savings

-Chlorinated water can be extremely dangerous especially to your customers house/building. The chlorine water pumped onto the roof can cause significant damage to your customers roof and gutters.  Solar pipes can only stand up to our harsh Australian conditions for so long before drying and cracking and eventually leaking. EXAMPLE:


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