Wyndham Grand Flamingo CatBa

Wyndham Grand Flamingo Cat Ba Resort is located on the breathtaking Lan Ha Bay in Vietnam. The resort’s 850m³ indoor pool required an energy efficient heating solution to maintain comfortable swimming temperatures for the guests year-round.

Teaming up with our partners at DIC Investment Joint Stock Company, four EvoHeat Commercial CS-GEN2 95kW heat pumps were installed, collectively providing 380kW heating capacity. Overcoming the challenge of seamlessly integrating the heat pumps with the resort’s picturesque surroundings, we ensured a seamless blend of comfort and nature. Our innovative EvoHeat pool heating system not only maintains indoor warmth but also efficiently cools outdoor areas by releasing cool air during operation. This project underscores our dedication to energy-efficient solutions, allowing guests to enjoy the pool year-round while harmonising with nature’s beauty.

EvoHeat is thrilled to have received the prestigious “International Project” award at the 2023 SPASA National Awards for our innovative and sustainable heating solutions showcased at the Wyndham Grand Flamingo Cat Ba Resort.

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