The Istana Uluwatu

Client: PT Microchem Indonesia
Location: Uluwatu, Bali
Heat Pump Installed: EvoHeat CS38 Commercial Heat Pump
Application: Pool Heating

The Istana is a luxury cliffside meditation & health optimisation retreat located in Uluwatu, Bali.

The retreat has a main resort pool, as well as hot and cold plunge pools which offer different therapeutic experiences for guests. To accommodate for their guests, The Istana needed a heat pump that would quickly heat the hot pool to an inviting temperature while maintaining stable performance.

After completing an evaluation of the hot pool and the resort owner’s requirements, a CS38 Commercial Heat Pump was determined the most suitable heat pump.

Outstanding Results

The CS38 unit was installed by PT Microchem Indonesia. They completed a neat unit installation to connect with the retreat’s existing pool pump & filtration system. Not only will the CS38 provide outstanding efficiency while heating the retreat’s hot pool, the surrounding area will also benefit from free cooling from the cold air discharge that is generated during the pool heating; perfect for the humid tropical climate!

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