Warwick Aquatic Centre

Client: Warwick Aquatic Centre
Location: Warwick, QLD
Application: Pool Heating, Air Handling, Ventilation and Heat Recovery
Heat Pumps Installed: 3 x CS120-GEN2, 1 x CS200-GEN2, 1 x CS95-GEN2 Heat Pumps, 1 x C250 Commercial Air Handling unit, 1 x Evo Command 140
Total Heating and Cooling Capacity: 700kW


The Warwick Aquatic Centre managed by the YMCA contracted Evo Industries Australia to upgrade multiple existing pool heating systems.

The facility had previously been utilising a combination of heat pumps and a large gas boiler to supply heating via a single heated water loop, with each of the four pools then drawing heat via plate heat exchangers.

The heating loop and plate heat exchangers were completely decommissioned and a fresh installation completed with each pool being assigned its’ own dedicated heat pump(s) and supply and return circulation; providing more economical heating and further improving efficiency by reducing in heat loss.

The indoor hydro pool received more special treatment, with an EvoHeat C250 Commercial Air Handling Unit being installed to improve air quality. The C250 provides dehumidification and ventilation and is fitted with optional additional heat recovery unit. This multi-functional dehumidification system uses refrigeration technology to dehumidify the indoor pool room air and then recycles the waste heat energy to heat both the air and pool water – significantly reducing Warwick’s Aquatic Centre’s operating costs. An Evo Comfort 140 water & space heat pump was added for the air heating and cooling in the main pool room/stadium.

The new infrastructure offers a low maintenance, energy efficient solution for pool heating, air handling, ventilation and heat recovery and will significantly reduce running costs and increase the control Warwick Aquatic Centre has over managing their pool temperature.


Outstanding Results

Evo was highly commended for our Warwick Aquatic Centre project that involved heating, air handling, ventilation and heat recovery at the 2019 SPASA Awards.

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