Toronto Swim Centre

Client: Toronto Swim Centre
Location: Lake Macquarie, NSW
Heat Pumps Installed: 1x CS95-GEN2, 2x CS120-GEN2, 1x CS200-GEN2, 2 x Evo270, 2x Evo Command 50 Heat Pumps
Application: Pool Heating, Hydrotherapy, Hot Water

Toronto Swim Centre located in Lake Macquarie NSW has recently reopened its doors late last year after undergoing a $6.5-million renovation!

The centre is also home to First Splashes and Macquarie Shores Swim Club.

The centre has 3 pools: An indoor heated 25m pool, an indoor heated 16m Learn-to-swim pool and an indoor hydrotherapy pool.

Lake Macquarie Council were incredibly happy with EvoHeat’s technology on their Speers Point Pool and decided to implement the energy efficient solutions for the swim centre’s upgrade. A total of 8 EvoHeat units were installed at the centre! For the pool heating; One Evo CS200-GEN2, One Evo CS95 & Two Evo CS120-GEN2 heat pumps were installed. Two Evo Command 50 space and water heat pumps and two Evo270 hot water systems were also installed. It was essential that the best heat pumps were used and combined with a PV solar system for electricity production.

The renovation included but was not limited to; a complete retiling of all pools, the introduction of a combined hydrotherapy & spa pool and pool resurfacing. The swim centre’s filtration system & disinfection system were also replaced, and solar panels were installed on the roof.

Enormous regards to managers of the centre Ben and his wife Cassandra, who invite everyone to go and have a look at the incredibly impressive facility, with the perfect temperature with EvoHeat.

Lake Macquarie are to be commended on their proactive and innovative design of this amazing centre; NSW Council are leading the way and are sure to see guaranteed results with a very small carbon footprint.

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