Domestic Force-i 17

Installer Name: Innovez Engineering
Location: Lyndhurst Rd, Singapore
Heat Pump Installed: Force-i 17 Heat Pump
Application: Pool Heating

During a pool build for a client in Singapore, Innovez Engineering discussed the importance of having a pool temperature control capability to a customer so that he and his family get to enjoy a comfortable pool temperature experience on a daily basis. An EvoHeat Force- i17 heat pump was best suited for the client’s needs based on the pool size, pool environment, space allocation and desired temperatures.

The EvoHeat Force-i 17 model was installed at a neat space allocated next to the pump room. The open space installation provides outstanding efficiency for the client as well as the cold air discharged during pool heating provides free cooling to the garden area and outdoor dining.

Outstanding Results

The EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 heat pumps provided unparalleled performance and reduced WhiteWater World’s annual pool heating costs by over 70% compared to their previous gas boiler system.

Our technology also reduced their carbon emissions by over 35% helping WhiteWater World get closer to their aim of being the most energy efficient water park on the planet.

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