EvoHeat CS commercial heat pumps are the most efficient way to heat a commercial pool regardless of size and location. Available in 38kW to 200kW models.


The EVO CS & CS-GEN2 commercial heat pump is the most efficient way to heat a commercial pool regardless of size or location. EvoHeat offers 7 different CS heaters ranging from 38kW up to 200kW so choosing the heater that best suits your needs is simple!

Our commercial heat pumps are ideal for sports and leisure centres, aquaculture, agriculture, water parks, hotels, resorts, apartments and office builds – there is no job in the field too big for the EVO CS Series!

A tried and trusted commercial pool heater that’s able to save businesses tens of thousands of dollars a year, you can expect innovative and intelligent commercial pool heating designed with forward thinking technology and high-end performance.

Designed for the harsh Australian climate with forward thinking technology and lower carbon emissions – there is simply nothing better on the market. EVO C.O.P.’s are backed up by verified test reports in audited test laboratories, and we back our equipment to outperform the competition every time! Don’t just take our word for it – check out our savings to expect.

  • Unparalleled energy efficiency
  • C.O.P as high as 5.79
  • Heating and cooling
  • Dual speed fans
  • Exclusive tariff + timers (only available on CS-GEN2)
  • Electric expansion valve (EEV)
  • Exclusive Goldtech/Bluetech Hydrophilic Coating
  • Double coil titanium heat exchangers for optional performance
  • Dual defrost systems- Reverse Cycle and Thermotec Element
  • Precision-built intelligent digital controller
  • 304 stainless steel chassis and cabinet
  • Monobloc design and compact piping system
  • Designed for very high flow rates and low pressure drops
  • V shape evaporator
  • Ozone Friednly R410A refrigerant


C.O.P. as high as 5.79

CS & CS-GEN2 heaters have a C.O.P. that far exceeds other units. EVO CS200-GEN2 swimming pool heat pumps have a C.O.P. of 5.79 at 24 degree air and due to the EEV system is able to provide maximum performance in varying real world temperature changes. A TX valve simply cannot match.

Precision Built-intelligent controller

EvoHeat heat pumps maintain water temperature to within half a degree of the set point while maintaining optimum heater operating performance. This control system enables you to predefine different temperatures and control parameters under all conditions ensuring the lowest possible operating costs.


Heating, cooling or automatic mode - the automatic mode will keep the pool at the desired temperature regardless of whether it needs heating or cooling.

Dual Speed Fans

CS & CS-GEN2 heat pumps have 2 speed fans as a standard feature. The fans are able to operate on a lower RPM on a timer or temperature basis. This allows the units, which are already very quiet, to become even quieter if required.

Dual Defrost Technlogy

Evo CS & CS-GEN2 heat pumps come supplied with dual defrost systems - Reverse Cycle and Thermotec Element. The Thermotec Element Defrost assists the main defrost system by providing low grade heat to the base of the condenser, slowing the buildup of ice from the bottom of the unit up. The Thermotec Element ensures our heat pumps are defrosting less and heating more often, maximizing the heating capacity in colder weather when it is needed.

304 stainless steel chassis and cabinet

The CS & CS-GEN2 Series range now come supplied with a 304 stainless steel chassis and cabinet as a standard feature and will ensure long term corrosion resistance.

Exclusive Tariff + timer system

Available for the CS-GEN2 the tariff + timer system allows you to program 4 time zones, and select 2 of these time zones each day. This allows you to run the heater during off peak electricity periods, and on weekends (which are usually always off peak) to run the heater during the day when its warmer and more efficient.

Exclusive Bluetech hydrophilic coating

EvoHeat's exclusive Goldtech or Bluetech hydrophilic coating on the evaporator/condenser fins is the latest technology in corrosion protection allowing your new heat pump to maintain it's high efficiency for many years to come. The protective coating has also been infused with technology that inhibits ice from forming on the fins. Ice on the fins reduces air flow and heat transfer, therefore impacting on its efficiency. Without Goldtech coating your heat pump could turn into a block of ice.

Electric Expansion Valve (EEV)

Our CS & CS-GEN2 models utilize EEV technology which is the absolute latest and the best possible refrigeration control system available on the market today. TX valves are a mechanical control device and fairly old technology and cannot compete with the efficiency of EEV. EEV can be up to 20% higher efficiency compared to a TX valve system.

Double Coil Titanium heat exchangers for optimal performance

The double coil titanium heat exchanger ensures maximum heat transfer surface resulting in 30% higher efficiency in contrast to standard heat exchangers

Monobloc Design and compact piping system

Designed with the smallest footprint and size in mind and can be fitted to heat even the largest indoor or outdoor pool. Compare the unit footprint of the CS with other units on the market.

High Flow/Low Pressure Drop

Our CS & CS-GEN2 units are designed for very high flow rates and low pressure drop. This allows our units to be directly connected to the filtration circuit and pump. Either way our units have much lower resistance which means lower pumping costs even if connected to a pumped sidestream configuration.

V- Style Evaporator

The V style evaporator is another space saving innovation which also assists with defrost performance and keeping the coil cleaner. As the fins are angled so water does not pool on the top surface as easily leading to fouling. The fin angle also provides a small efficiency boost as the air direction change is less than 90 degrees thus requiring less work from the fans to pull the air through the system.


The CS & CS-GEN2 Series is manufactured with the best HVAC components currently available.

OzOne Friendly Refrigerant

Evo's high performance, commercial heat pumps use R410a refrigerant which is superior to R407c. R410a is the next evolution in heat pump system design and R407c is only used in lower performance budget heat pumps.


Integrate the CS Range into a Building Management System for high level control, monitoring and reporting. Our Advanced CAM package (Controls and Monitoring) gives you access to all the key metrics to not only operational performance but can also be used to identify and/or verify any energy saving initiatives implemented

MODELCS 38CS 47CS 57CS-GEN2 95CS-GEN2 120CS-GEN2 145CS-GEN2 200
Heat output at 24 deg air 26 deg water (kW)38475795120145190
Heat output at 15 deg air 26 deg water (kW)31.139.748.172.5103120160
Cooling output at 35 deg air 30 deg water (kW)21.628.236648097119
C.O.P. at 24 deg air (380/415 volts 3 phase)
Power input at 24 deg air (kW)7.169.311.117.32125.532.8
Power supply380-415/3/50380-415/3/50380-415/3/50380-415/3/50380-415/3/50380-415/3/50380-415/3/50
*Max running current AMPS per phase13.819.1225.140466080.1
Compressor typeScrollScrollScrollScrollScrollScrollScroll
PVC water connection (mm)505050DN 110DN 110DN 110DN 110
Water flow rate (L/min)20025032548358310331000
Noise dB(A) at 1M61616161626367
Unit dimensions LxWxH (mm)1490/735/12001490/735/12001490/735/12002170/1070/19202175/1070/20302175/1070/20302180/1070/2060
Weight packed/unpacked (kg)270/252300/254300/260679/632694/648709/664940/908

*Running current mas: 43°C ambient heat /29°C in cooling mode. The data above is based on the EVO heat pump only, it does not include auxiliary devices.


Large-scale businesses stand to save the most by switching to EvoHeat commercial pool heating. Compared to gas heating, EvoHeat can save a business in excess of 50%. For a large commercial swimming pool heated to 27°C this can be over $45,000 per year!


SeriesTitanium Heat ExchangerCompressorsPartsOn-site labour
CS Series25 years5 years2 years1 year

For further peace of mind EvoHeat offer an industry leading warranty of 25 years on the CS titanium heat exchanger, 5 years on compressors, 2 years on all parts and 1 year on site labour. EvoHeat have a comprehensive network of specialist service agents nationally to ensure maximum equipment uptime. Spare parts are kept in stock in the extremely unlikely event that they are required.

Get a no obligation and free assessment of your site, and see if the CS GEN 2 Series or another unit is suitable for your needs. Call 1300 859 933.


“Our EvoHeat CS pool heaters are fantastic; we use them in our entire swimming centres. What really blew me away was the level of exceptional customer service which the guys at EVO provided. From the moment I place the order right through to final installation they took care of everything without delay. I cannot recommend them enough”