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Make the Most out of Your Pool with Heating

Do you have a pool that sits majority of the cold months unused? Have you ever considered how adding a heat pump to your pool will help you make the most out of it?

Many people associate summer with swimming in the pool rather than winter – our heat pumps are trying to change this! There is no reason why you cannot use your pool all year long, no matter the weather with a heat pump! Heat pumps are designed to heat your pool to any desired temperature no matter the outside weather. Year-round use is one advantage you can look forward to if you decide to heat your pool.

Swimming is also a great form of exercise and therapy. Warm water is great at assisting in promoting blood flow and relaxing muscles. With a heat pump, you can heat your pool to a temperature of up to X degrees Celsius. Those who experience chronic pain with arthritis, back issues, muscle spasms and fibromyalgia often find that swimming in a heat pool greatly helps ease pain.

The average cost annually of running your pool is $800-$1200 for filtration and likewise expenses (excluding heating costs). If your pool is unused much of the time this is money going down the drain! When building a pool, the average pool costs around $25,000 to $50,000 to make. When you are spending that much on making a pool, going that bit further to heat it for year round use will make the large sum of building your pool much more worth it! Adding the heat pump to your pool will also help to add value should you ever sell – who wouldn’t rather a house with a heated pool!?

Don’t let your pool feel the cold in the winter – install a heat pump and reap the many benefits of warm swimming water year round.

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