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While it may seem an obvious choice to invest in a heat pump to heat your swimming pool in cold months, it is also an overlooked asset for the warmer months too!

In some locations, sun exposure or summer temperatures can warm the pool too much, defeating the purpose of going for a swim to cool off. Despite the name, Heat pumps also have the ability to cool pool water too! EvoHeat heat pumps are equipped to automatically heat or cool your pool water based on your set temperature – so you can be sure your pool is always at your desired temperature! A large number of our heat pumps have been installed in tropical and humid climates for the sole purpose of maintaining a cooler water temperature due to the outside conditions. Others have been installed for therapeutic chilled plunge pools often at health retreats.

Pools that receive minimal sun exposure can still be rather chilly to an uncomfortable degree even though the air temperature is warm. Because the pool temperature is left to the mercy of the sun and weather, it can be unpredictable at times and serve as a deterrent for swimming on your pool whenever you would like. When the sun disappears, night swimming becomes a possibility with a heat pump!

Different people have different preferences on what the ideal swimming temperature is. Without a heat pump, you have no control over how hot or cold the pool is at any given time. With an EvoHeat pump, you are able to achieve a guaranteed, stable pool temperature at the temperature of your preference.

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