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Benefits of Swimming Pool Covers

In order to effectively reduce pool heating costs, a swimming pool cover is an extremely important and useful tool to use whilst the pool is not in use.

Evaporation is the largest factor when it comes to heat and energy loss. Pools that have a higher water temperature paired with high wind speeds and low humidity create a much faster rate of evaporation. Even indoor pools are not immune to evaporation, large amounts of evaporation in indoor pools require rooms to be ventilated to control to humidity within the room.

A pool cover on an indoor pool will also minimise the need for indoor ventilation and exhaust fans can be turned off whilst the cover is on which successively saves large amounts of energy.

By using a pool cover on both indoor and outdoor pools, it will greatly minimise the evaporation and loss of heat therefore producing savings of up to 70%! The use of a cover also will trap the existent heat in the pool therefore allowing you to run your heat pump for a shorter amount of time to reach the desired temperature – saving energy and your money!

There are many different types of pool covers available each having different capabilities. Covers that are specifically designed for pools include materials such as UV-stabilized polyethylene, polypropylene, or vinyl; all of which have vapor barrier abilities.

When choosing a pool cover, it must be considered how the pool cover will be used (e.g. cover off during the day vs. cover on during the day). Each type of pool blanket offers different benefits so it is important that you speak to a pool blanket expert.

Using a pool cover is beneficial in reducing swimming pool heater costs, minimising evaporation, saving energy and keeping debris from entering the water; and when paired with a EvoHeat pool heater will allow for 24/7 comfort. If you are looking to heat your pool to the perfect temperature year-round, contact EvoHeat on 1300 859 933 now!

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