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What Temperature Should I Heat my Pool or Spa to?

The perfect temperature will be subjective and determined by your exact needs and preferences. However, as heat pump experts with over 15-years’ experience, Evo can provide advice and give recommendations based on what most people are looking for in certain situations. Our heat pumps provide our customers with guaranteed, stable pool temperatures – no more guesswork!

For most residential pools, a comfortable swim temperature range will be between 26-30 degrees. For comparison, a typical hot shower is usually around the 40°C mark.

After assisting thousands of customers across Australia over the last 15 years, our data shows that most people on average would like to maintain their pool at a consistent 28°C.

Cold Season Leisure Swimming
In the cooler months, most people lean towards a pool temperature of 29-30°C degrees.

Warm Season Leisure Swimming
In the warmer months, most people lean towards a pool temperature between 26-28°C degrees so they can feel refreshed.

Hot Spa Temp
To stay safe, the spa temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. When adjusting the set temperature of your spa, you should start out at a lower temperature and increase it only if you feel that it is not warm enough. Most people prefer their spa between 36-38 degrees. Try initially setting your spa to a temperature of 37°C and see if you are comfortable or need to go up a degree or two.

Learn-to-Swim Pools
For children learning to swim, it is important to keep their bodies and muscles warm. A temperature of at least 32.5°C for a learn-to-swim pool will keep instructors and children comfortable.

Lane/Exercise Swimming
Swimming Australia & FINA specify that the water temperature must be between 25-28°C. Water that is too hot for fast paced activities will cause dehydration, muscle cramps and overheating for swimmers. Too cold, and it will shock the system. In an extreme case during 2010, an Olympic U.S National team swimmer died when the water was too hot (29°C), three were hospitalized and others complained of swollen limbs and disorientation. A temperature of 26°C plus or minus one degree will be the best temperature to begin heating a lane pool to.

Hydrotherapy can significantly help those requiring recovery, rehabilitation, and pain relief. Hydrotherapy is generally slow paced, so higher water temperatures will keep the swimmers comfortable. A set temperature between 30°C – 32°C will keep those undertaking Hydrotherapy comfortable. It is essential for those undertaking hydrotherapies to seek a medical professional’s advice on what temperature they suggest for their specific therapy.

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