Gabba Central Apartments

Client: Gabba Central Apartments
Location: Brisbane, QLD
Heat Pumps Installed: 1x CS47 Heat Pump
Application: Pool Heating

Gabba Central Apartments required their apartment pool to be heated for the resident’s enjoyment. After determining that a EvoHeat CS47 heat pump was the most suitable for the pool’s requirements, it was installed alongside the pool against the railing. By using a ducting hood, all the cold air is expelled out over the balcony. A louvred enclosure for the heat pump allows for air to still circulate whilst also keeping the heat pump out of view.

Outstanding Results

“From our initial meeting with Evo, it became abundantly clear that we were dealing with people who were passionate and highly experienced in pool heating. By being able to foresee potential headaches, they could adequately plan so our installation went smoothly and a minimum of fuss. Our residents who have used the pool have nothing but praise, especially how quiet the new heat pump is. We cannot recommend Evo highly enough.” – Mick Sharp, JP (Chairman, Body Corporate for Gabba Central, QLD)

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