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UQ Sport Aquatic Centre

  • Location: St Lucia, QLD
  • Client: UQ Sport Aquatic Centre
  • Heat Pumps: EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 & EvoHeat CS38
  • Application: Commercial Pool Heating


Five EvoHeat heat pumps have been installed at the UQ Sport Aquatic Centre as part of a major redevelopment project.  The UQ Sport Aquatic Centre – situated at the University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus – opened a new 25m pool in June, with an EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 and CS38 heat pumps installed to heat the pool to a year-round temperature of 29 degrees.

The venue’s 50m pool has also been overhauled with EvoHeat technology, with three EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 heat pumps installed to replace their existing competitor heating units that were regularly needing maintenance and repairs.

The CS200-GEN2 heat pumps- the same fitted to heat Dreamworld’s and WhiteWater World- will maintain a temperature of 27 degrees in the 50m pool.

Outstanding Results

EvoHeat’s technology is incredibly economic and has helped pave the way for sustainable heat pump technology in Australia, slashing running costs and cutting carbon emissions.

Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors

  • Location: Beerwah, QLD
  • Client: Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors
  • Heat Pumps: EvoHeat Force 26 3-Phase
  • Application: Turtle Enclosure Water Heating


Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital required their turtle pools to be heated for therapy and dive testing to ensure the turtles are well enough to return back into the wild.  After their previous heat pump system failed, the hospital urgently needed a new hat pump to keep their turtles happy and healthy.  An EvoHeat Force 26 3-Phase heat pump was decided to be the best heat pump for their enclosure.

Outstanding Results

The Force 26-3 Phase heat pump is extremely efficient with low running costs, it is designed so that it can be used all year round- vital in the cold months!  Due to its smaller size, the heat pump can be more versatility installed with low noise, an added benefit.

St Aidans

  • Location: Corinda, QLD
  • Client: St Aidans
  • Heat Pump: 3 EvoHeat CS47
  • Application: Pool Heating

St Aidan’s Anglican Girl’s School in Corinda has a large 25m outdoor pool used for various aquatic activities such as swimming lessons, training and other various watersports. Two EvoHeat CS47 units were installed in the basement storeroom using ducting to blow all cold air out towards the door for maximum efficiency. The pool is intended for use of only 9 months of the year. Students and users will now be able to swim in maximum comfort!

Newman College

  • Location: Perth, WA
  • Client: Newman College
  • Heat Pump: 3 EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 with 304 stainless steel cabinet
  • Application: Pool Heating

Newman College in Perth have acquired 3 EvoHeat CS200-GEN2’s with a 304 stainless steel cabinet. These units are superior commercial heat pumps with unparalleled energy efficiency and corrosion resistant steel cabinets. Integrated Air assisted with the install which will ensure that the College’s pool is kept at a comfortable swimming temperature for its users all year round!


James Cook University

  • Location: Townsville, QLD
  • Client: James Cook University
  • Heat Pumps: 4 x EvoHeat DHP 603-R and 2 x EvoHeat DHP20-R
  • Application: Coral Tank Heating

James Cook University are using EvoHeat heat pumps to heat their coral tanks. The Marine and Aquaculture Research Centre in Townsville is the central testing facility for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies (Coral CoE).

James Cook University provide physical labs for the Coral CoE to facilitate research into the effects of water quality, temperature, light and climate change indicators on the organisms of the World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef.

To efficiently maintain the desired temperature for the coral tanks research, four DHP603-R and two DHP20-R heat pump units were installed. Due to the fragility of the coral housed in the tanks, it was crucial that a special controller was installed to have a 0.1°C accuracy to precisely maintain the desired water temperature to best suit the Coral CoE studies.

Narbethong State Special School

  • Location: Woolloongabba QLD
  • Client: Narbethong State Special School
  • Heat Pump: EvoHeat CS38
  • Application: Pool Heating

Narbethong State Special School was previously using 2 old gas heaters that were not maintaining the pools desired temperature and proving too costly to run. The indoor hydrotherapy pool is used for students and provides excellent opportunities for children to improve their mobility, freedom and happiness. EvoHeat offered a far more energy efficient and effective solution with an EvoHeat CS38 heat pump. Using this heat pump, the pool was set to a temperature of 32°C year-round and now provides the children with the best possible pool to practice their swimming skills in!


Bond University

  • Location: Robina, QLD
  • Client: Bond University
  • Heat Pump Installed: Polaris HT56 Heat Pumps
  • Application: Pool Heating and Commercial Water Heating

Bond University were after commercial hot water systems to replace their archaic electric element boiler system that could be used in their enormous sports centre, commercial centre and residential accommodation. Following an in-depth analysis of the facilities, EvoHeat were selected to understand the project. With four separate accommodation blocks requiring upgrade, the project was broken into stages. This entailed replacing the existing electric elements with Polaris HT56 heat pumps.

Stage 1. A Polaris HT56 was installed in the HVAC plant room of 1 building, and proved to be incredibly economical as it utilised high levels of heat from the other equipment, and fed this into the Polaris HT56 system, increasing its energy-efficiency. The large ventilation fan in the plant room was able to be switched off as the Polaris unit was performing the task of removing the heat from the room and transferring it into the building’s hot water supply. 75kW of electric element was replaced by a system using just 16kW.

Stage 2. Two Polaris HT56’s were installed outdoors due to space constraints. The units were installed directly in the air-flow of the accommodation block’s cooling tower, supplying ample warm and moist air to boost the efficiency of the system. A semi-enclosed shroud was constructed around the Polaris HT56’s, to maximise the airflow from the cooling tower. 120kW of element heating was replaced by a system using less than 40kW.

Outstanding Results
Afterwards, analysis of the refit at Bond University, indicates that they are achieving energy efficiency of more than 80%, compared to the old system.