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Domestic Fusion-i 7

Our heat pumps aren’t just for pools & spas! One of our customers is using an EvoHeat Fusion-i 7 heat pump to maintain the water temperature for their incredible fish & coral tank.
Make sure you check out their YouTube video!

Force-i 19 Heat Pump

This Force-i 19 heat pump was installed by Warren at Pool Services Knox. The new Force-i unit has replaced an old solar heating system that was leaking and creating a waterfall down the wall! The customer’s were amazed at just how quiet their new heat pump is when it is in operation.

Force-i 28-3 Heat Pump

Did you know that EvoHeat products are designed so that they are able to be used in conjunction with Solar PV? This EvoHeat Force-i 28-3 heat pump in Western Australia was programmed to run in combination with the customer’s existing solar PV system, utilising the power from the sun for free pool heating!

DHP-50R Heat Pump

When only the best will do – this EvoHeat DHP-50R is engineered to give the highest capacity heater with the electrical restrictions on site. With correct use of a pool cover, this West Australian pool will provide an excellent year-round swim season!

Force-i 9 Heat Pump

A great example of a quality install of our EvoHeat Force-i 9 unit completed by Pooltime Belmont & Morley! Paired with a brand new Daisy pool blanket, this pool will be efficiently heated to the perfect temperature for majority of the year.

Fusion-i Heat Pump

This EvoHeat high-performance Fusion-i heat pump was installed at a house with a brand new pool built by Atlantic Pools in WA. With the heater controlling the dedicated water pump,the heating will be able to run independently of the filtration system.

Force-i 12 Heat Pump

This customer in Greenwood, Western Australia, has had their new EvoHeat Force-i 12 heat pump installed on a wall mount with a dedicated circulation pump hard wired into the heater. Ready for the cold weather to come!

Force-i 12 Heat Pump & J-Box

By completing an EvoHeat Pool Heating Evaluation on our website, Evo were able to find the perfect heater for this customer’s requirements – An EvoHeat Force-i 12 heat pump! Due to plumbing limitations, an EvoHeat J-Box needed to be installed in order to prevent over-chlorination of the pool. Now the kids can swim all year-round in a warm and perfectly chlorinated pool.

DHP-50R Heat Pump

Even with the some of the cold stormy weather WA has been experiencing, this DHP-50R was able to maintain the uncovered pool at a temperature of 30 degrees. If you’re looking for the ultimate in heater performance – think EvoHeat!

Fusion-i 19 Heat Pump

No space in the pool area? No worries! This Fusion-i 19 is installed on a roof mount system with a fantastic view of Perth. What an awesome install done by HeaterFix!