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Domestic Force-i 19

Client: Domestic
Location: Lysterfield, VIC
Heat Pump Installed: 1 x Force-i 19 Heat Pump
Application: Pool Heating

This Force-i 19 heat pump was installed by Warren at Pool Services Knox. The new Force-i unit has replaced an old solar heating system that was leaking and creating a waterfall down the wall! The customer’s were amazed at just how quiet their new heat pump is when it is in operation.

Domestic Fusion-i

Client: Domestic
Location: Western Australia
Heat Pump Installed: 1 x Fusion-i Heat Pump
Application: Pool Heating

An EvoHeat Fusion-i series heat pump has been installed nicely by Empower Solar Perth. Both the heat pump and solar power were installed so the customer can start the Fusion-i off his smartphone controller app when the solar is generating power. The Fusion-i series is a smart and efficient solution to keeping your pool at a comfortable temperature!

Domestic Force-i 9

Client: Domestic
Location: Western Australia
Heat Pump Installed: 1 x Force-i 9 Heat Pump
Application: Pool Heating

One of our new, high performance EvoHeat Force-i 9 heat pumps has been installed for a customer in Inglewood, WA. This heat pump will heat the customer’s pool to a fresh 28 degrees year-round.

Domestic Fusion-i 9

Client: Domestic
Location: Western Australia
Heat Pump Installed: 1 x Fusion-i 9 Heat Pump
Application: Pool Heating

A customer in Western Australia has had a new EvoHeat Fusion-i 9 heat pump installed for their pool by Floworks Plumbing who have done a fantastic job. By using the solar flow and return lines left by the new pool builder, this customer’s heating systems will run independently of the filtration system. This customer will now enjoy a warm pool year-round!

Domestic Fusion 9

Client: Domestic
Location: Western Australia
Heat Pump Installed: 1 x Fusion 9 Heat Pump
Application: Pool Heating

Lacking space to install a heat pump for your pool? Challenge accepted!
This EvoHeat Fusion 9 was installed by Jim at Poolmart Baldivis in WA; by mounting the unit up on the wall, the pool owners can save space on their deck for the pool area furniture. The kids can now use the pool even in the cold months!

Domestic Force 22

Client: Domestic
Location: Western Australia
Heat Pump Installed: 1 x Force 22 Heat Pump + Smart-Phone Controller App
Application: Pool Heating

Year-round pool heating required the correct heat pump to do the job effectively and efficiently. This EvoHeat Force 22 will provide the customer with a toasty, warm pool year-round. The smart-phone controller app upgrade will allow the customer to completely control their pool temperature with wi-fi from anywhere, at any time! GreenLogic Solar Energy Systems have done a great job at this install.

The Drapery Residences

Client: The Drapery Residences
Location: Woollongabba, QLD
Heat Pumps Installed: 3 x CS47 Heat Pumps
View Video Footage: HERE

EvoHeat have installed 3 of our CS47 units for The Drapery in Woollongabba, QLD. The rooftop infinity pool will now not only have an amazing view, but also warm and enjoyable water!


Circue Apartments

Client: Circue Apartments
Location: Mount Pleasant, Western Australia
Heat Pump Installed: Force 22 Heat Pump
Application: Pool Heating

Circue Apartments in Western Australia are using an EvoHeat Force 22 to keep their spa at a temperature of 36 degrees.

The air extraction setup was to match the displacement of the heating system so that the units could be installed inside the building, in the pool plant room.

Botanical Apartments

Client: Botanical Apartments
Location: Subiaco, Western Australia
Heat Pumps Installed: 2 x Force 26, 1 x Force 18
Application: Pool and Spa Heating

Botanical Apartments in Subiaco, Western Australia are now heating their lap pool and spa with EvoHeat! Two EvoHeat Force 26 units have been installed for the lap pool, and a single Force 18 has been installed for the spa.

The pool heaters were set for a maximum temperature of 36 degrees Celsius in order to comply with department of health and safety standards. The Force series is extremely energy efficient and will deliver excellent results for the Botanical Apartments!

Domestic HH17 & PHE60

Client: T Sharp and R Blancpain
Location: Byron Bay, NSW
Builder: Sharpe Design and Construction, Tom Creighton Plumbing
Heat Pumps: EvoHeat HH17 air to water heat pump & EvoHeat PHE60 pool heater
Application: Floor & Pool Heating

Well known local prestige home builder, Tim Sharpe and his family wanted to demonstrate the energy saving potential of floor radiant heating and cooling systems in their new home for potential customers.

Outstanding Results
The high efficiency EvoHeat heat pump catches waste heat and delivers it to the pool while Solar PV energy is contributing 100% of the energy on most days of the year.