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Domestic Force-i 24 & J-Box

A customer was unhappy with their pool temperature and wanted to heat their pool for the family so that they could swim everyday! As the customer was wanting an energy efficient solution, it was determined that an EvoHeat Force-i 24 with a J-Box would provide the customer with the best performance for their requirements.

The Force-i 24 & J-Box were neatly installed by the team at Hydro-Pool Engineering and will provide excellent heating for the pool at maximum efficiency. The Evo J-box that was also installed will help the customer maintain their desired pool temperature while also maintaining their existing pool pump/filtration operational timing.

Domestic Force-i 9

Tight space is not an issue for K1 POOL CARE! This customer’s EvoHeat Force-i 9 heat pump was installed with the Evo Louvre which redirects the cold discharge air away from their heat pump, creating sufficient airflow and ventilation in the area.

Paired with a pool blanket, this customer will maximize the efficiency of their heat pump and reduce their energy costs!

Domestic Fusion-i 9

This EvoHeat Fusion-i 9 heat pump has just been installed for a customer in City Beach, WA! This Fusion-i has a dedicated water pump, so that it can control its own flow and run for the necessary amount of hours in order to keep the pool at the perfect temperature.

Domestic Evo270 & Evo Flex Heat Pumps

After owning an Evo270 hot water heat pump for roughly 3 years and being extremely satisfied with it’s performance and savings on energy bills, this customer decided to also purchase an Evo Flex full inverter heat pump for their home.

The Evo Flex Series heat pumps utilise advanced heat pump technology to achieve high efficiency with a C.O.P. of up to 4.8. With the application of DC inverter technology, the Evo Flex Series can adjust the output capacity automatically and control the room temperature accurately, making it ideal for domestic hot water and space heating and cooling.

Domestic Fusion-i 7

Our heat pumps aren’t just for pools & spas! One of our customers is using an EvoHeat Fusion-i 7 heat pump to maintain the water temperature for their incredible fish & coral tank.
Make sure you check out their YouTube video!

Force-i 19 Heat Pump

This Force-i 19 heat pump was installed by Warren at Pool Services Knox. The new Force-i unit has replaced an old solar heating system that was leaking and creating a waterfall down the wall! The customer’s were amazed at just how quiet their new heat pump is when it is in operation.

Force-i 28-3 Heat Pump

Did you know that EvoHeat products are designed so that they are able to be used in conjunction with Solar PV? This EvoHeat Force-i 28-3 heat pump in Western Australia was programmed to run in combination with the customer’s existing solar PV system, utilising the power from the sun for free pool heating!

DHP-50R Heat Pump

When only the best will do – this EvoHeat DHP-50R is engineered to give the highest capacity heater with the electrical restrictions on site. With correct use of a pool cover, this West Australian pool will provide an excellent year-round swim season!

Force-i 9 Heat Pump

A great example of a quality install of our EvoHeat Force-i 9 unit completed by Pooltime Belmont & Morley! Paired with a brand new Daisy pool blanket, this pool will be efficiently heated to the perfect temperature for majority of the year.

Fusion-i Heat Pump

This EvoHeat high-performance Fusion-i heat pump was installed at a house with a brand new pool built by Atlantic Pools in WA. With the heater controlling the dedicated water pump,the heating will be able to run independently of the filtration system.