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George Town Swimming Pool

Client: George Town Council
Trade Partner: Poolquip Tasmania
Location: George Town Swimming Pool, Tasmania
Heat Pump Installed: 2x EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 Heat Pumps
Application: Commercial Pool Heating

George Town Swimming Pool in Tasmania has a total of 4 pools; a 25m pool, a wading pool, a toddler pool & a waterslide. All of these pools were previously using an antiquated and inferior heat pump system that has now been replaced with two EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 highly efficient commercial heat pumps. The pools are all being ran on the same filtration system and are to be heated to a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius for a 6-month swim season from the months of October to March.

Thanks to @poolquip_tas for being our #evoauthorised partner for this installation!

Oz Fitness Coolum

Client: Oz Fitness Coolum
Location: Coolum, QLD
Heat Pump Installed: 1 x Fusion-i 19
Application: Hydrotherapy Pool Heating

Oz Fitness Coolum has a hydrotherapy pool which attached to their gym, which was using a costly element heater to maintain their semi-indoor pool at 30°C. EvoHeat swapped the element heater over for a Fusion-i 19 inverter heat pump – saving the customer up to 85% on their running costs! The element heater was costing a whopping $9590 per year to run, compared to the new EvoHeat Fusion-i 19 which will only cost an estimated $1350!

Redcliffe War Memorial Pool

Client: Redcliffe City Council
Location: Redcliffe, QLD
Heat Pumps Installed: 3 x CS200-GEN2 Heat Pumps
Application: Pool Heating

Redcliffe Memorial Pool has had three EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 commercial heat pumps installed for their indoor pools; a 50m olympic sized pool and an 18m learn to swim pool. The Evo CS-GEN2 commercial heat pump is the most efficient way to heat a commercial pool regardless of size or location. A tried and trusted commercial pool heater that’s able to save businesses tens of thousands of dollars a year, you can expect innovative and intelligent commercial pool heating designed with forward thinking technology and high-end performance.


Toronto Swim Centre

Client: Toronto Swim Centre
Location: Lake Macquarie, NSW
Heat Pumps Installed: 3 x CS-GEN2, 1 x CS, 2 x Evo270, 2 x Evo Command 50
Application: Pool Heating, Hydrotherapy, Hot Water

Toronto Swim Centre located in Lake Macquarie NSW has recently reopened its doors late last year after undergoing a $6.5-million renovation! The centre is also home to First Splashes and Macquarie Shores Swim Club.

The centre has 3 pools: An indoor heated 25m pool, an indoor heated 16m Learn-to-swim pool and an indoor hydrotherapy pool.

Lake Macquarie Council were incredibly happy with EvoHeat’s technology on their Speers Point Pool and decided to implement the energy efficient solutions for the swim centre’s upgrade. A total of 8 EvoHeat units were installed at the centre! For the pool heating; One Evo CS200-GEN2, One Evo CS95 & Two Evo CS120-GEN2 heat pumps were installed. Two Evo Command 50 space and water heat pumps and two Evo270 hot water systems were also installed. It was essential that the best heat pumps were used and combined with a PV solar system for electricity production.

The renovation included but was not limited to; a complete retiling of all pools, the introduction of a combined hydrotherapy & spa pool and pool resurfacing. The swim centre’s filtration system & disinfection system were also replaced, and solar panels were installed on the roof.

Enormous regards to managers of the centre Ben and his wife Cassandra, who invite everyone to go and have a look at the incredibly impressive facility, with the perfect temperature with EvoHeat.

Lake Macquarie are to be commended on their proactive and innovative design of this amazing centre; NSW Council are leading the way and are sure to see guaranteed results with a very small carbon footprint.

Hurstville Aquatic Centre

Client: Hurstville Aquatic Centre
Location: Hurstville, NSW
Heat Pumps Installed: 2 x CS145-GEN2 Heat Pumps
Application: Pool Heating

Hurstville Aquatic Leisure Centre in NSW now has two brand new EvoHeat CS145-GEN2 heat pumps for their pool! Mark from Image Air partnered with EvoHeat and installed the heat pumps to ensure the best performance for the centre year after year. All of this equipment can be monitored and controlled because of the BMS software which was coordinated by Matthew Cochrane and the amazing team at Enviro Building Services.

Stephen Owen from Georges River Council went above and beyond in his research in finding the best new equipment for the centre. Stephen worked to get all heat pumps installed and operational immediately with no delays. EvoHeat were very impressed with Stephen’s detail in all systems which are now being implemented and coordinated to provide ongoing savings for the council and the community.

Any council that is this proactive in moving away from expensive and inefficient methods of heating such as gas; or are updating their technology to be able to monitor all aspects of it are award winning in their progressive thinking.

Congratulations to Stephen Owen of Georges River Council and all involved: Stowe Australia, Matthew Cochrane and the team at Enviro Building Services as well as Mark Greentree from Image Air Conditioning on what is now a first-class solution for the community!

Menai Swim Academy

Client: Menai Swim Academy
Location: Menai, New South Wales
Heat Pumps Installed: 3 x CS57 & 1 x CS38 Heat Pumps
Application: Pool Heating

Menai Swim Academy has chosen EvoHeat for their 25 metre pool to be kept at a warm temperature of 32 Degrees. Image Air installed three EvoHeat CS57 units and one CS38 that replaced the old inefficient systems and will be sure to maintain warm water for all swimmers at the academy.

In the future, Menai Swim Academy are also looking at installing a C500 Air Handling Unit for dehumidification and air handling.

Holsworthy Aquatic Centre

Client: Holsworthy Aquatic Centre
Location: Holsworthy, New South Wales
Heat Pump Installed: EvoHeat CS-GEN2 CS200 Heat Pump
Application: Pool Heating

Holsworthy Aquatic Centre has ditched their old, competitor brand heat pump that was inefficient and covering with ice every morning. An EvoHeat CS-GEN2 CS200 has been installed for the 25 metre pool which is to be heated to a toasty temperature of 31 degrees.
The second stage will be coming in the near future on the Learn-to-Swim pool, where old gas heaters are to be removed for tremendous savings!

Outstanding Results
Holsworthy Aquatic Centre will no longer need to water down their old unit due to it icing up every morning, and swimmers can now enjoy a warm 31 degree pool at all times!

Griffith University Aquatic and Fitness Centre

Client: Griffith University Aquatic and Fitness Centre
Location: Holland Park West, QLD
Heat Pumps Installed:
Indoor Learn to Swim Pool: CS57 Heat Pump
25m Outdoor Pool: 2x CS145-GEN2 Heat Pumps
Kids Splash Area: CS95-GEN2 Heat Pump

Four EvoHeat heat pumps were installed to maintain consistent water temperatures in three pools at the Griffith University Aquatic and Fitness Centre.

The Griffith University Aquatic and Fitness Centre replaced their inefficient heat pumps with four EvoHeat heat pumps in 316 stainless steel. Their old units were regularly breaking down which caused unstable pool water temperatures and high operating costs for the following bodies of water:
The indoor pool was fitted with a EvoHeat CS57 unit to maintain a toasty 32.5 degrees Celsius for the toddlers and babies attending the learn-to swim school. The outdoor 25m pool has two CS145-GEN2 units to maintain a 28 degree Celsius water temperature for the swim squad and regular patrons and the kids splash area has a CS95-GEN2 unit installed to maintain a comfortable 27 degrees Celsius for young children to be able to play happily.

Outstanding Results
Large savings will be achieved by upgrading to EvoHeat’s high energy efficient heat pumps. Based on electrical energy rates of 24c kWh, if you compare the estimated operating costs of the replaced heaters, when brand new, to EvoHeat’s modernised technology for all three bodies of water combined, Griffith University Aquatic and Fitness Centre stand to save almost 10k annually. That’s over $145,000 over 15-years.

In addition to improved energy efficiencies gained by upgrading to EvoHeat’s modernised technology, plumbing modifications to improve energy efficiencies were made to the filtration systems for both the kids splash area and indoor learn to swim pool. The heat pumps were connected in-line with the filtration system which resulted in the removal of the side stream water pumps previously dedicated for the heat pumps. The result was minimal impact on system head pressure and a reduction of operating costs of approximately $3,150 annually or almost $50,000 savings over the next 15-years.





Warwick Aquatic Centre

Client: Warwick Aquatic Centre
Location: Warwick, QLD
Application: Pool Heating, Air Handling, Ventilation and Heat Recovery
Heat Pumps Installed: 3 x CS120-GEN2, 1 x CS200-GEN2, 1 x CS95-GEN2 Heat Pumps, 1 x C250 Commercial Air Handling unit, 1 x Comfort 140
Total Heating and Cooling Capacity: 700kW
View Video Footage: HERE

The Warwick Aquatic Centre managed by the YMCA contracted Evo Industries Australia to upgrade multiple existing pool heating systems. The facility had previously been utilising a combination of heat pumps and a large gas boiler to supply heating via a single heated water loop, with each of the four pools then drawing heat via plate heat exchangers.

The heating loop and plate heat exchangers were completely decommissioned and a fresh installation completed with each pool being assigned its’ own dedicated heat pump(s) and supply and return circulation; providing more economical heating and further improving efficiency by reducing in heat loss.

The indoor hydro pool received more special treatment, with an EvoHeat C250 Commercial Air Handling Unit being installed to improve air quality. The C250 provides dehumidification and ventilation and is fitted with optional additional heat recovery unit. This multi-functional dehumidification system uses refrigeration technology to dehumidify the indoor pool room air and then recycles the waste heat energy to heat both the air and pool water – significantly reducing Warwick’s Aquatic Centre’s operating costs. An Evo Comfort 140 water & space heat pump was added for the air heating and cooling in the main pool room/stadium.

The new infrastructure offers a low maintenance, energy efficient solution for pool heating, air handling, ventilation and heat recovery and will significantly reduce running costs and increase the control Warwick Aquatic Centre has over managing their pool temperature.

Dreamworld: WhiteWater World

Client: WhiteWater World
Location: Coomera, QLD
Head Contractor: Evo Energy Technologies
Heat Pumps Installed: 19 x EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 Heat Pumps
Application: Pool Heating

In March 2017, Evo Energy commenced the installation of the largest heat pump system in Australia with a cutting-edge system upgrade at the popular tourist theme park, WhiteWater World.

Located right next door to Dreamworld, the WhiteWater World water park now features ground breaking heat pump technology that delivers reliable, energy efficient water heating to hundreds of thousands of guests every year.
Evo Energy’s redesign heats over 30 slides, water-rides and pools to a toasty 26 degrees using 19 high performance EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 heat pumps.
The 19 EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 heat pumps provide up to 3,610kW heating capacity, delivering unparalleled energy efficiencies.

The system upgrade now allows WhiteWater World to remotely control and monitor their water heating capabilities using the technology’s smart controller system.

Outstanding Results
The EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 heat pumps provided unparalleled performance and reduced WhiteWater World’s annual pool heating costs by over 70% compared to their previous gas boiler system.

Our technology also reduced their carbon emissions by over 35% helping WhiteWater World get closer to their aim of being the most energy efficient water park on the planet.