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Griffith University Aquatic and Fitness Centre

Client: Griffith University Aquatic and Fitness Centre
Location: Holland Park West, QLD
Heat Pumps Installed:
Indoor Learn to Swim Pool: CS57
25m Outdoor Pool: 2x CS145-GEN2
Kids Splash Area: CS95-GEN2

Four EvoHeat heat pumps were installed to maintain consistent water temperatures in three pools at the Griffith University Aquatic and Fitness Centre.

The Griffith University Aquatic and Fitness Centre replaced their inefficient heat pumps with four EvoHeat heat pumps in 316 stainless steel. Their old units were regularly breaking down which caused unstable pool water temperatures and high operating costs for the following bodies of water:
The indoor pool was fitted with a EvoHeat CS57 unit to maintain a toasty 32.5 degrees Celsius for the toddlers and babies attending the learn-to swim school. The outdoor 25m pool has two CS145-GEN2 units to maintain a 28 degree Celsius water temperature for the swim squad and regular patrons and the kids splash area has a CS95-GEN2 unit installed to maintain a comfortable 27 degrees Celsius for young children to be able to play happily.

Outstanding Results
Large savings will be achieved by upgrading to EvoHeat’s high energy efficient heat pumps. Based on electrical energy rates of 24c kWh, if you compare the estimated operating costs of the replaced heaters, when brand new, to EvoHeat’s modernised technology for all three bodies of water combined, Griffith University Aquatic and Fitness Centre stand to save almost 10k annually. That’s over $145,000 over 15-years.

In addition to improved energy efficiencies gained by upgrading to EvoHeat’s modernised technology, plumbing modifications to improve energy efficiencies were made to the filtration systems for both the kids splash area and indoor learn to swim pool. The heat pumps were connected in-line with the filtration system which resulted in the removal of the side stream water pumps previously dedicated for the heat pumps. The result was minimal impact on system head pressure and a reduction of operating costs of approximately $3,150 annually or almost $50,000 savings over the next 15-years.





Warwick Aquatic Centre

  • Location: Warwick, QLD
  • Client: Warwick Aquatic Centre
  • Application: Pool Heating, Air Handling, Ventilation and Heat Recovery
  • Heat Pumps Installed: 3 X EVO CS120-GEN2, 1 X EVO CS200-GEN2, 1 X EVO CS95-GEN2 all upgraded to stainless steel, 1 x EvoHeat CS250 Commercial Air Handling unit
  • Total Heating and Cooling Capacity: 700kW

The Warwick Aquatic Centre managed by the YMCA contracted Evo Industries Australia to upgrade multiple existing pool heating systems. The facility had previously been utilising a combination of heat pumps and a large gas boiler to supply heating via a single heated water loop, with each of the four pools then drawing heat via plate heat exchangers.

The heating loop and plate heat exchangers were completely decommissioned and a fresh installation completed with each pool being assigned its’ own dedicated heat pump(s) and supply and return circulation; providing more economical heating and further improving efficiency by reducing in heat loss.

The indoor hydro pool received more special treatment, with an EvoHeat C250 Commercial Air Handling Unit being installed to improve air quality. The C250 provides dehumidification and ventilation and is fitted with optional additional heat recovery unit. This multi-functional dehumidification system uses refrigeration technology to dehumidify the indoor pool room air and then recycles the waste heat energy to heat both the air and pool water – significantly reducing Warwick’s Aquatic Centre’s operating costs.

The new infrastructure offers a low maintenance, energy efficient solution for pool heating, air handling, ventilation and heat recovery and will significantly reduce running costs and increase the control Warwick Aquatic Centre has over managing their pool temperature.

Dreamworld: WhiteWater World

  • Location: Coomera, QLD
  • Client: WhiteWater World
  • Head Contractor: Evo Energy Technologies
  • Heat Pumps Installed: 19 x EvoHeat CS200-GEN2
  • Application: Pool Heating

In March 2017, Evo Energy commenced the installation of the largest heat pump system in Australia with a cutting-edge system upgrade at the popular tourist theme park, WhiteWater World.

Located right next door to Dreamworld, the WhiteWater World water park now features ground breaking heat pump technology that delivers reliable, energy efficient water heating to hundreds of thousands of guests every year.
Evo Energy’s redesign heats over 30 slides, water-rides and pools to a toasty 26 degrees using 19 high performance EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 heat pumps.
The 19 EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 heat pumps provide up to 3,610kW heating capacity, delivering unparalleled energy efficiencies.

The system upgrade now allows WhiteWater World to remotely control and monitor their water heating capabilities using the technology’s smart controller system.

Outstanding Results
The EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 heat pumps provided unparalleled performance and reduced WhiteWater World’s annual pool heating costs by over 70% compared to their previous gas boiler system.

Our technology also reduced their carbon emissions by over 35% helping WhiteWater World get closer to their aim of being the most energy efficient water park on the planet.

Dreamworld: Tiger Island

  • Location: Coomera, QLD
  • Client: Dreamworld
  • Head Contractor: Evo Energy Technologies
  • Heat Pumps Installed: EvoHeat CS57
  • Application: Tiger & Crocodile Pool Heating

WhiteWater World patrons weren’t the only ones to benefit from the recent Dreamworld water heating upgrade with upgrades also taking place to the existing heating at Dreamworld’s Tiger Island and the crocodile pools.

Outstanding Results

Using an energy efficient EvoHeat CS57 heat pump the water in Tiger Island remains at a comfortable 28-degree temperature for 12 of their big cats.

Robina Fitness First

  • Location: Robina, QLD
  • Client: Fitness First
  • Head Contractor: Evo Energy Technologies
  • Heat Pumps Installed: EvoHeat CS295-GEN2 heat pump & five Evo270 hot water systems
  • Application: commercial pool heating and hot water heating

Robina Fitness First was needing to replace their old and very costly gas boilers. In order to heat the pool for the gym, an EvoHeat CS95 was installed due to its extremely reliable and energy efficient technologies. Installed just behind the heat pump unit were five Evo270 units. The Evo270 is ideal for domestic and commercial water heating applications and will save you and the environment up to 75% on traditional hot water heating costs.

Outstanding Results

Together, the EvoHeat CS95 unit and Evo270 units replaced the outdated gas boilers and will be helping Fitness First with enormous savings.

Gumbuya World

  • Location: Tynong North, VIC
  • Client: Gumbuya World
  • Head Contractor: Evo Energy Technologies
  • Heat Pumps Installed: 8 EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 heat pumps
  • Application: commercial pool heating

Gumbuya World, formally known as Gumbuya Park has recently completed stage one of their $50-million-dollar upgrade to transform its 166 hectares of into a full day of fun for the whole family.

One of the main attractions is their new Oasis Spring Water Theme Park that is bursting with splashtastic fun and guaranteed to please patrons with its year-round heated pools.

8 EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 heat pumps were installed to heat Victoria’s newest water park at Gumbuya World.

Outstanding Results

Our CS GEN-2 series is a tried and trusted commercial pool heater that can save businesses tens of thousands per year. Expect innovation and intelligent commercial pool heating with one touch precision and high-end performance. Designed for the harsh Australian climate with forward thinking technology and lower carbon emissions – there is simply nothing better on the market.

Des Renford Aquatic Centre

  • Location: Maroubra NSW
  • Client: Des Renford Aquatic Centre
  • Heat Pumps: 4 EvoHeat CS200-GEN2
  • Application: Pool heating

The Des Renford Aquatic Centre’s 50 metre outdoor pool is now being heated with four EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 heat pumps which have a C.O.P. as high as 5.79 which far exceeds other units. The EvoHeat’s CS200’s performance results are always monitored through a complete BMS control system and the savings for the Council and community is shown live. Every customer of EvoHeat is guaranteed to have heating piece of mind whether it be a small spa, home pool, resort or leading Council aquatic centre. Image Air replaced the old competitor brand heat pump with an upgrade to EEV (Electronic Expansion Valve Technology). By using V formation Evaporators matched with dual defrost systems unique to EvoHeat, the council will be saving large amounts of money year after year.

Port Macquarie Aquatic Centre

  • Location: Port Macquarie, NSW
  • Client: Port Macquarie Aquatic Centre
  • Heat Pumps: 3 x EvoHeat CS200-GEN2
  • Application: Commercial Pool Heating


Port Macquarie Aquatic Centre needed to replace their existing Accent heat pump units. After an evaluation, it was determined that three EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 units would be best suited to the pool.

The new EvoHeat heat pumps all had a stainless steel cabinet and chassis, as well as Blygold evaporators. The heat pumps were directly connected into the filtration system, which allowed a 7kW booster pump to be removed therefore saving the council thousands in running costs! The units were installed with a Tarrif+ Timer feature which overheats the pools on off peak power, providing further savings for its user.

Outstanding Results

These high efficiency heaters not only provided huge savings but also had a much smaller footprint than the old existing Accent units.

Kuala Lumpur Aquatic Centre

  • Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Client: Kuala Lumpur Aquatic Centre
  • Heat Pumps: DHP-40R, CS120-GEN2, 2 x CS200-GEN2
  • Application: Commercial Pool Heating


Kuala Lumpur Aquatic Centre is apart of the major sports hub and tourist destination, Kuala Lumpur Sports City (KLSC). The aquatic centre required a major redevelopment and upgrade of the centre in preparation of the SEA games and Asean Para Games from Aug 19 to 31 and Sept 17 to 23 respectively to transform the centre into a world class venue. EvoHeat were contacted to install a variety of heaters to suit these new upgrades. EvoHeat heat pumps were selected for their high efficiency and their ability to not only heat the pools but also cool them if desired. In the warm-up pool a DHP-40R heat pump in stainless steel was installed, in the diving pool a CS120-GEN2 in 316 stainless steel, in the 50m pool a CS200-GEN2 in 316 stainless and in the training pool a CS200-GEN2 in 316 stainless steel.

Outstanding Results

These four heat pumps allow each pool to be heated effectively to the desired temperature to suit the needs of all who use them.

Brisbane Broncos Training Facility

  • Location: Red Hill, Brisbane, QLD
  • Client: Brisbane Training Facilities
  • Heat Pumps: DHP-40R, 2 x CS38 in stainless steel
  • Application: Pool Heating and Chilling


The new Brisbane Broncos Training Facility required heat pumps to maintain and control the temperatures of their main pool, spa and ice pool.  Amic Pools decided to use EvoHeat heat pump technology to complete the task.

The different pools, used for a variety of fitness and therapeutic reasons, must be the correct temperature for the athletes.  In order to cater for its users the main pool was heated with an EvoHeat DHP-40R, the spa was heated with an EvoHeat CS38 in stainless steel and the ice pool was chilled with another EvoHeat CS38 in stainless steel.