Domestic Force 14 & J-Box

Customer Name: Hydro-Pool Engineering

Location: Jalan Awang, Singapore

Heat Pump Installed: Force 14 & J-Box

Application: Pool Heating

Overview of the Project: The owner and his family felt the pool was cold for them to use especially in the evenings after work and mornings on weekends, wanting to maximize the usage of the pool for both relaxation and for the kids to enjoy.

The owner was keen to ensure and provide ideal desired pool temperatures for the family to have a great time in the pool anytime. A Force 14 was best suited based on the pool size, property and requirements.

Outstanding Results: The Force 14 model was installed by Hydro-Pool Engineering at a neat corner above the pump room that was below the flooring, this allowed a neat install. The cold air that’s discharged to the open provides outstanding efficiency for the client and as well as a nice cool environment too. The J-Box add-on allowed the client to achieve desired pool temperatures at all times and providing excellent running cost savings on the water pump operation.


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